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  • You don't have to stop springing random trades on me do you have to have events in return or can I trade you ones I've bred because I don't have really any doubles of my events to trade for them so hopefully you'll spring more random trades on me
    No proble- whoah woah woooooooaaaaaaaaaah what's going on with your profile page and why do I see Shadow Lugia all over the bottom of it?

    Anyway, enjoy!
    True :) Most of the spare pokemon I have to trade are randomly nicknamed, except for the few I've been sent by other people. :)
    That would be great :) I'll still be here and available to trade. If I don't reply promptly it's because I'm taking notes and haven't refreshed the forum page for a little while :)
    I'm happy to trade the Victini (and I still need Zekrom, yes :) ). I feel a bit bad letting the other person down but I was only trading it for a Deoxys, which I've managed to acquire from elsewhere now anyway, so I'm happy for you to have the Victini. :)

    Dratini was transferred and has a Calm nature and Shed Skin.
    Unfortunately, my only shiny is the red Gyarados so probably isn't much in demand. Considering I can catch an in-game Mewtwo, I have another event one, but I don't suppose you would want two except to trade one to someone for something else. There's that Victini if I cancel my trade with someone else. I have a Dratini with perfect IVs as another option.

    I really need to finish this game so I can at least do some IV breeding to have more things to offer people.
    I'll trade it for your Suicune! I'm available almost anytime, but I'll be doing tradebacks soon with someone else for like 100 pokemon for my dex, so I might be a bit busy
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