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Recent content by MudkipDefenderShale

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    SU: The Mysterious Roleplay

    Name: Shale Moon Age: 16 Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight Personality: Quiet, hesitant, strict when nesessary, loving, caring, usually calm Appearance: 5'5", shocking green eyes, long, wavy blonde hair (usually in a ponytail with bangs). She wears a gray shirt with a blue vest, a short orange...
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    What do you put inside your chocolate bars?

    I tried making a chocolate bar once. It was declicous :) I had a white chocolate base with pumpkin spice Hershey's Kisses melted on top. True a fall candy :)
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    How did you get into pokemon?

    When I was little, my brother and I got GameBoy Colors and we had one pokemon game (Crystal) that we would take turns playing, or we would play it together. That's how I was introduced. After a little while, my dad got me the movies Destiny Deoxys and MewTwo Returns. Those were the start of my...
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    Favorite Fire Starter

    My favorite would have to be Torchic. I like Torchic the most because I find it ironic that something so adorable could be so dangerous.
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    PMD - Pokemon vs Wild (SU) Sign ups Always open!

    Re: PMD - Pokemon vs Wild (SU) Name: Ebony Age: 16 Gender: Female Species (Non legendary and have not evolved before): Phanpy Appearence (and any special markings or accessories): Her red stripes are actually a vibrant purple
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    The Hoen Story: Revelation Ruby and Sorrow Sapphire (Sign Ups)

    Name: ShaleMoon Gender: Female Age: 15 Appearance: (This isn't the best picture ever, but it's the best I've got ^^") Personality: Shale is very cool and calm, but is naturally cautious and hesitant. She's strict and sightly demanding when she needs to be, but it's rare for her to ever...
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    Hello, everybody!

    Hello there -smiles-