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  • you know, i don't know why everyone picks on you. You present your logic well, everyone just attacks you for it.
    Oh of course I've played it. It is the most well-designed game ever. But my cousin stomped on it. T_T

    I bought another copy on eBay.
    Hi Mudkipz. Just wondering why you've "converted" to believing in relativity. Any particular reason for that?
    Mudkipz clone... Who does respond to reason...


    I'm fine. As you see, I've been lurking around those forums as well, not quite as active as here. Just sort of waiting around till my copy of Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time comes in the mail.

    I see you've started to practice relativity.
    So I waltz right into the TalkZelda forums and what do I find? Two threads created by Mudkipz; "Is Link gay? he wears a dress and stockings like a chick" and "Is Link Zelda?"

    :lol: That made my day

    Anyway, aside from that, what's up?
    doesn't work for me. i just get a message saying i don't have proper permission to delete a blog entry.
    I might not be just between you and me if it's on Visitor Messages, lmao. But your posts have spiced up the Pikachu conversation, kudos. xD
    I don't play tribal wars. Thanks for the tip about putting it in a blog. And I'm doubtful about the time traveling man simply because he claims he used his cell phone to get "proof" but rather than film something incontrovertible, he filmed his future self who could be an older actor who resembles him and has the same tattoo. I still wouldn't totally discount it though.
    Hello there. Thanks for welcoming me. I do indeed like Mudkipz. As for why I do what I do here, it's a method of coping with boredom. Since I really don't have anything better to do, I like to share commonly doubted truths and why they actually are true. This seemed like a friendly and lively place so I decided to do that here.
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