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  • sorry lol I hardly talk to people in general anymore anyway and I don't really have much to say other than talking about pkmn so you're not missing much...
    Hi, I just recently came across some team rocket doujinshi. I read you have the English translations, at least the one where they fell in their own hole with they dug. Can you please send me a link to the English translations??
    Thanks, but I'm still faaaar from being fluent xD I'm pretty fine with writing and reading, but my speaking abilities are still a total mess :p As for my plans for the future... that's a tough question xD; I'm planning to graduate someday in 2014 (either June or September), but I have no clue what I'm going to do after that. I'll the most probably do some translation freelancing, I also want to write this one novel I've been wanting to write for a few years now and come back to drawing art. I wish it would pay my bills though... :p I just can't see myself doing regular 9-5 job... ^^; I want to establish my own publishing house in the future, but I'm too scared of that yet. And I need to make money first for that.

    I'm glad you're doing your medical training :) It sounds like a lot of work and patience, but I'm sure it will all pay off in the future :) At least you won't have problems in finding employment! XD

    And yes, we need another episode of DP117 level. The radio saved situation a lot in BW, and even if I personally think it was the best thing that ever happened to me as a Rocket fan, it couldn't make such an impact in the fandom as DP117 did, because it was Japanese-only thing. Some people even didn't believe it was canon... xD I guess they were too jealous of the radio's awesomeness and they wished their fave characters got a show like this :p

    I'd be happy if you came to the chat and I bet others would be too :D So if you ever get Skype, my username is jessierocketka. Contact me and I'll add you to the chat :D
    Wow that's amazing, well done!! You must be pretty much fluent in Japanese by now, am I right?! When will your uni end? Have you got any plans for the future? And yeah, I'm still pursuing my dreams too! I'm still doing general medical training (the first 7 years are general lol) but I'm thinking I'd like to specialise in emergency medicine in the future.
    Oh my goodness it's like all the old crew :p I need to find some time to come on this chat!
    And yeah BW really did mess things up for Rocket fans :/ It's such a shame that DP did so much to build up the fandom again and BW killed it, but hopefully XY can redeem the situation!! Fingers crossed, even if there's one good episode I'm sure it would make the world of difference like DP117 did.
    Sorry Jeska! Tell me about the time thing lol, I feel like I'm chained to the hospital, otherwise I would love to chat properly! Your college work must be pretty much all-consuming am I right?! But that is AMAZING that you're in Japan! Is it like a dream come true? And that is really lovely :) Who else is still around in Skype? There's something somehow comforting knowing that whoever is still interested in TR you are :p
    It's nice to be back! I do have Skype, but unfortunately what I don't have is any time at the mo :( Do you want to PM me?
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