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  • hey, can you fix the link to DP163 in the episode review archive (in the index)? the current link takes you to a dead thread
    About Tomioka, I think that something is happening in the anime staff. Is everything but normal that Tomioka gets an abscene of 4 months at least. Specially if there's a new writer in one of the new revealed episode. And suspectingly Tomioka's last episodes was about Dawn and Team Rocket, notthe BW TRio.

    But there's some things about BW that I don't like:
    -THe Unova League: This is blatant bad writing. Why? ALthough I don't mind the position of Ash in the League and that Ash was reset, I can't get to the idea that Ash isn't facing Virgil after all the promotion.
    -I said that the battle Ash vs Virgil was planned. And heavily promoted to happen. But that was scrapped for unknown reason. Because now is like the league literally misses a battle. And I have a small feeling that Dawn was supposed to stay until Project Tempest.
    -Second, Team Rocket. Team Rocket returning to being funny is almost like a older main character is returning to be main character. And this is everything but normal that TR make abscen in BW. Specially 12-13 episode abscenes.

    And about the trailer of the new games, it's awwwwwwwwwweeeeesome. The trailer has surpassed my expectation of it. Three starters revealed already? Worldwide release?Starting with a trailer???? Yay. Although we must eat months of no news.
    Hello. For some reason, whenever I post in a group, my message gets deleted.
    What I want to know is if you know who the "big summary " says about Pikachu vs Lucario.

    ポケモンだいすきクラブ At the left, there's two bars to click, choose the first of the bars that appear here and you find the official summary.
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