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  • It's not that I'm not interested/don't care on a personal level, just that I'm much interested in anyone else's on such a graphic level xD I know this is probably not that bad compared to other stuff though. I'm still happy to read/make :naughty: posts though!!
    Well, I can try I guess :p I began to read the ii kanji one (Snake linked me to that site) but I couldn't continue once... Maybe it'd be better if I knew what was going on!

    I agree that it's better with characters who are in love .etc. and I shouldn't find it odd at all. But I'm still a 10 year old at heart, and the throught of all that stuff is weird xD
    It's not the nudity so much as the sex :embarass: I guess I'm still in preteen-eww mode. Is this the ii kanji one? Or the other?
    xD I don't know!! Call me a prude, but I don't really like that kinda stuff. Do you think I should?
    Really, I think the Dokucale mistake was much worse ;-) This was just random speculation!

    Neither do I xD I think that's why I found it funny!
    I didn't even realise I'd hit 2000!! o_O Wtf is wrong with me?! I guess I'm too busy with the postcount of our thread... :p

    And btw, I read Serebii, I don't even know what you're talking about? Is it the jealousy/someone else leaving thing? Cus that's not bad! Although this did make me :lol:
    "Yeah I know, I have no life."
    Aaah, I always make a welcome thread ;-) I do things the proper way! And also, at the time I became active here, I'd "lost" Shipper's Paradise because they'd just rearranged. Not that the thread was particularly active anyway at that point.

    Look, I'm not gonna hold it against you! :p At worst, I'll use the : lol : smiley...
    Well, if I decided to hate everyone who said something dumb, can you imagine? I'd be one self-hating person :p (And I'd have sympathised entirely, if it weren't that one ep. Because I called it immensely, not that anyone'd know xD Don't ask me how but somehow I guessed that Dokucale would be leaving between the Zui contest and the next one, and that it'd fall in love and we'd get Musashi flashbacks. Call it intuition, I have no idea.)

    It was the Serebii Rocketshipping thread ;-) I knew you primarily from there, because I don't think you were hugely active here back then. No matter, I'll just have to see for myself when I remember to! >8D
    I watched some weird soapie once :p It was terrible! I just stick to Pokemon these days, if at all. I've watched a few other anime, but I'm the fussiest watcher ever, so a few = 6.

    Haha, I'm sorry to bring up bad thoughts xD It's just that... I've never forgotten how silly I thought you were that time. And I remember you said at the time you got picked out about something in the Sabonea episode as well? But I never checked, what was it? *evil*
    Do you just randomly watch Keyhole then? What channels are good?

    xD Yeah, how stupid is that? Oh, I feel like a Pokemon-idiot as well often ;-) I'm more wrong than I am right!! But that's ok, because being a huge walking Bulbapedia isn't going to much use to anyone really IRL, is it? I still remember wanting to argue with you though before DP 73 when you (incorrectly) called that little-Musashi wasn't Musashi at all! :p Oh, those were the days of innocence and non-posting. May I never go back to them.
    Oh, haha, you're allowed to be nosy xD If I remembered to be, I would be as well!

    Truth be told, I was pretty scared of you and Snake especially :embarass: I know, I know! I don't know why!! xD You just seemed so... smart! And I felt like such a dumbarse compared to you!
    Yeah ;-) I've been behaving so abysmally just so I can get on the thread! I don't even have my inner voice saying "DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!" Help! But hey, at least you can be happy in the knowledge that someday you will be good at Japanese! I reckon you pick stuff up from just watching Pokemon raw/subbed anyway.
    xD Nice to know I'm not alone!

    Oh, ok. Well I'm sorry to hear that. Obviously you don't have to discuss them with me at all, but if you like, I'm only a PM away :)

    Oh wow! You're minoring in JP? Awesome :-D I wish I could... I dunno! Do something. We have a "Japanese Club", I went a few times, but it's literally codename for "Anime Club". She wrote a few Kana on the board to give the pretence we'd done something in case a teacher came in, idiot. I learnt both Kanas during physics (lol :p) but I've only learnt a few basic kanji, and as for grasp of the language... what grasp?
    Oh Weedle... the guy's just funny! Actually, all the trolls make me laugh, hence why I'm in the Habunake Club xD Not that that's active or anything... The thing is, lots of people have a bee in their bonnet about something. Some people bring them up in every single thead (admittedly, me and Musashi's ribbons are the same :p But at least I admit it!!) Rocket Girl, I actually admire you for being able to hold yourself back! I know I'm gonna get myself in trouble some day.

    No she can't, because she's an idiot ¬_¬ And an emo to top things off, but anyway, I can try. But I believe Jessie Rocketka is doing some Japanese something (might even be a degree), she mentioned it earlier. So I'm hoping she can do it!
    Oh God. I do this every so often, me being an idiot and all... but of all the messages to post on my own page xD

    Well, I used to be terrified of infractions (when I was 12/13, lol), and I'm not going to go out of my way to get one, it's not like I really want one :p But I can't help myself sometimes! You can tell I'm feeling particularly rash today... (I think I'm worse at school though xD My public speaking speech was quite naughty, in a non-dirty way!)

    "blahblahblah TABERU" "Mmmmm blahblahblah"
    Yeah, I can't get much either ;-) Maybe I will if I try when I'm a little bit calmer but somehow I doubt it. I can ask my Japanese friend maybe? I hate asking her stuff because she thinks I'm a lowly otaku, but this is TOO much of an opportunity!!
    My dad is even worse. He's just a pain in the backside. He's really nice... too nice. He just won't leave you alone when you want to be! But then of course he's nowhere to be found when you need him. And he's the most embarrassing person I know. I'm pretty unflappable - I've walked around with a sign on my head (several times xD) but he always embarrasses me. He bows to people. Like my teachers. And they're trying not to laugh -_- Ugh, painfulness.
    Mine are getting to that stage. Such is life I suppose. I'm not sure my family's any more interesting than anyone else's, but I'm just quite good at charicaturing them ;-)

    Reading through the last message, it seems I forgot my parents xD I dunno what I was on when I did that!

    Well, my Mum's bossy and moody and the two of us fight at least 3 times a day :p But she's the sort of person everyone likes because she behaves nicely to them, and she's clever, hardworking and pretty, so you can see why I don't like her much xD She also fights with... pretty much everyone. But she's awfully loyal, and my teachers are terrified of her, so I always get nice things said about me to her at parents evening, even though I'm the most annoying student ever!
    I never have enough willing listeners! :p BTW, do you mind me talking about me? I feel a bit self centred!

    Ok, so I live with my parents, sister (9), Grandad, Fat Grandma (his wife) and Thin Grandma. My Fat Grandma acts a lot like me (dirty perv) but in reality (like me) she is really innocent - she thought that gay men were men who'd been born without penises! :lol:

    My Grandad is the awesomest Grandad I could hope for (well, he was when he was still well) and did lots of tickling and jokes and stuff.

    My Thin Grandma used to be horrible (even I can remember those times! xD) but now she's pretty much lost it, doesn't remember anything but at least she's quite sweet!

    I love my sister best in the world. She can be an annoying brat (ok, most of the time she is xD) but she's quite awesome, and if it weren't for her being born, I'd still be like Angelica Pickles. Also, it was thanks to her (and my Mum being totally unable to cope) that my other grandparents came here for good.
    >D Well, let's start at the start then.

    After they came to England, they had no money. So they rented lotsa crappy appartments. The worst (and slug/'roach infested) one was where I was made. Once they found out, my Mum put her foot down and said she would not bring me up in a disgusting apartment like that. So they rented a house on the same street.

    My other grandparents came from India a few weeks before I was expected. I was 2 weeks late :p My Mum went into labout 2 days before I was born. And then I got squashed and came out elongated. The first thing I did was piss on my Dad 8D I didn't stop crying all day, until the nurse started gossipping with my Mum at night and I became quiet so I could nosy. My thin Grandma (Dad's Mum) refused to visit me because I was a girl (LOL!) but I probably didn't mind much.

    Okay, that's one part ;-) If I continue in this vein, I'll end up writing an autobiography. How about I just tell you more random stuff about me after this?
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