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  • Lol xD I can imagine that! I'm terrible, nearly as bad as her! You should see me when I'm organising events, I'm a nightmare :p I get so pissed off with everyone's uselessness in the end I just do everything myself.

    Britain's tiny. (I have no idea how big America, let alone Arizona is, but since it's pretty big, I'm happy assume that Britain's 1/50th of the size ;-))

    Oh, nose away! It gives me an excuse to nose on you as well >D *ahem* I've always lived in London, sadly, but I do feel very Indian, more so than I do British. My parents (well my dad) came to London shortly after their wedding (he left my poor mother with his mother while they waited for Visas :lol:) and then... no wait, I don't wanna put you through the story of my life! I love to tell it, but I don't wanna torment ya xD

    Are you 100% American then? ;-)
    Not used to bossing people around 'huh? ;-) You should probably refrain from the Musashi style of bossing in any case!

    Lol, aren't long tangents something pretty common in our thread anyway? xD I can hardly expect any different...

    :lol: I know exactly what you mean! It seems weird that you're colleging in the same state, but Britain's so small that even if you're studying on the other side of the country it's probably the equivalent to going to the other side of any one American state!
    Oh wow, so I guess you got the real deal (pretty much). That's impressive! I guess you had to do a lot of directing and stuff then?

    It's the only pass/fail class they offer, therefore the only one I'll ever do :p But it was great while it lasted!

    Well, I'd hope not to hang around complete boozers xD I don't think that'd say much for my taste or judgement! Yeah, I think students here have the same image ;-) Not a good one. Thanks for the reassurance.

    So is your college in Arizona then?
    Lmao xDD That sounds pretty funny! Who did you use as actors? Each other?

    I think the annoying thing with editing for me was that I'm also a bit of a perfectionist, and the equipment was rubbish. So everthing just became tedious and horrible. Not that it mattered :p Fortunately it was a course where you pass or fail, no grades. I passed, so I had nothing to worry about!

    On thing about uni that I'm kinda worried about is (stupid but) drinking :embarass: Due to a bizarrely traditional Hindu upbringing (and because it smells disgusting, lol) I've decided to teetotal. Is that gonna make me seem antisocial/like a loser?
    What sort of things were your films about? And what about editing did you find fun? :p I just found it to be a pain! Maybe you had better hardware/software though (well, duh.) so it would have been less of a chore.

    A girl came back and did a talk one lunchtime about Medicine at uni. She said the same thing about getting to try lots of new stuff out. I reckon that'd be pretty cool!
    Part 2:

    I'd taken the entire course as a joke at any rate and every module I'd done was a joke submission, suitable dirty enough that everyone got a laugh out of it, but so that it made it through the censors (like a photo manip of tadpoles flying through the sky... of course it didn't look like sperm! What are you saying ;-)) so I got my grandparents to be the main characters, and the theme to be the two of them sharing a banana (ya know, Indian people, bananas, exotic enough xD). Oh shit, I forgot the point I was trying to make! Errr... So that was a bloody pain to film and edit. I think that was the point of my story! :lol:

    So yeah, I'd have probably gone for the same choice as you. It does sound pretty interesting actually (in an "I'd be fascinated by all that stuff, but my friends wouldn't" kinda way!)
    Oh wow, that sounds amazing! The second one is like my worst nightmare though :p The reason I dropped English without a second thought! As for the first (long story coming up!)

    Because I go to a maths and computing specialist school, we all had to do IT in some form in the equivalent of the first 2 years of High School (i.e. I've just finished) and I took the labour non-intensive, exam-less, new course on offer. We had to make and edit a tv commercial for "exotic perfume" for the last module.

    Grr, too long again :rolleyes: This always happens when I go off on a tangent!
    Hopefully! Also what I know from experience is that it's much easier if everyone knows no one, so it's not like you're trying to get into someone else's circle. Ah well, gotta hope for the best right? ;-)

    Btw, what does your major entail? I'm really curious :p
    Wow, that sounds exactly like me! :p It's so damn depressing stuck at home without my friends or my year. And like you, I'm really fond of my teachers and lessons as well. I'm really not looking forward to moving on - I almost can't see life without school. I've planned stuff out, but I still don't know what I'll do with myself :/
    I'm pretty unaquainted with adults tbh :p It's literally just my family and teachers (and people here I suppose, but no one acts like an adult on a friggin' Pokemon forum!)

    I guess the thing is, if you had a great enough social life that you never felt like a bit of a loner, you probably would be having that social life rather than discussing a game/anime aimed at small people ;-) Not that that's a bad thing or anything...

    My equivalent to High School? Nah, it's fine. It's a bit lame, but I do love school. It helps that my year is one of the friendliest ever. I think there are literally 0 "loners" - everyone eventually got absorbed into a group. Oh shit, I'm already kinda set in my ways! I better get to changing fast!! xD

    Omg. I got called "cool" 8D That really is a first! Haha, but it's nice to have an awesome friend like you too :)
    Part 2!

    It's pretty embarrassing, but I go to a grammar school, so I know :p Everyone had a rough time at their old schools because they were smartarses (and possibly deserved it like me ;-)) so now mostly everyone gets on really well. What I'm trying to say is that I kinda think this forum's like that. I think the majority of people just want to be treated nicely, hence are nice themselves. Damn that sounds stupid xD But I think it's true. So relax, I know this isn't really the issue at hand, but most people will accept your friend requests without a thought (admittedly, there are some dickheads who won't, but there always are) and will then go on to pester you via PM/VM!

    Have another hug for the heck of it!
    Aww, Rocket Girl, you know what you need? A big hug!

    Girls are little shits. Actually, so are boys. So are adults probably. Everyone who isn't a clone of "cool" or is in anyway different to the norm is picked on. Now obviously I have no idea why people picked on you, so I really can't comment, but one thing I can say is that when a bunch of "outsiders" get together, everyone usually knows how it feels and isn't really horrible to anyone else.

    Fuck this stupid system ¬_¬ My rant is too long, second half to follow!
    Of course you do! I don't know how you could think otherwise, ya goon *hugs back*

    I feel like a self absorbed teen, I've managed to talk only about myself xD Tell me something about you.
    Lmao, so true! xD I am kinda girly - I like getting dressed up and going out. But in terms of that kinda girly stuff... well, let's just say I have the most lacklustre love life in London ;-) But then again, it's only every so often that I mind. Most of the time I'd much rather be cotemplating certain someone elses' love lives *cough*
    Well, hopefully I have enough to get me by :p I am pretty immature. We spend our lunchtimes on the hell playing catch or "it", much to the behest of the girls 5 years younger than us, who are texting or discussing boy problems xD Somehow, I still manage to be more innocent that my friends who I'd have thought are more behind than me! I don't mind being the innocent one though. Better than being called the slag, right? ;-)
    Well, that's damn true. But it'd also be important to sell yourself well. Everyone who knows you knows you could do a damnsite better than the goons making shows right now, but it's about making that come across in a 5 second convo with someone "in the business". Networking and all that crap.

    HumoUr, is the spelling :p But I meant sense like sensible, common sense. I think I can do sense of humour ;-)
    Oh, that would be smart xD I always make stupid blogs and forget about them until it's too late to comment back without looking like an idiot!

    Well, I guess if you're going into the entertainment business you do have to meet people and stuff. But hey, once you do meet people it's mostly about your talent right? :) I know you'll be fine in that department.

    Well, you're nice, and sensible and you still have a sense of humour!! I guess I admire that in you. I know that sense at least is something that I'll probably never have...
    Oh wow, you read it? :p Gosh, I'm surprised.

    It's ok, I'm actually really glad that someone else has the same problems as me! Ok, so one of the grandparents is already dead, but it's close enough. I'm sorry about your friend situation, though I can relate - I was the class loser during primary school = no friends.

    But I changed myself when I went to secondary school, I decided to make an effort being social and made friends. I know it sounds ridiculous suggesting to change onself and it sounds shit pretending to be something you're not, but if it makes you happy... I partly grew into a more confident person, and partly I could slowly let the act drop once I had made firmish friends. Maybe when you go to LA you could try being a bit more social? God, it feels stupid trying to give advice to someone I look up to ^///^

    But seriously, this forum needs a :hug: smiley. It pisses me off that it doesn't have one for me to dish out when required, like, now!!
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