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  • I read in your blog that you LOVE Power Rangers and I'm planning to write a fanfiction about the first season. The problem is I can't remember most of the personalities of the rangers. Can you help me with that(and my fanfic) please?
    xD Lmao! I'll be sure to read it!

    Seriously, if there were a Pokemon species called "Rocketshipper" it's ability would be Incessant Chatter or something :p
    I was actually like:
    When I saw that! xD It's clearly more than any coincidence, and I'm glad you've sigged it!
    Heh, that's interesting. I just read your post in the "favorite Pokedex voice" thread. I actually never knew who did the voices of Ash's Pokedex. XD

    That's cool how Eric Stuart did the male voice (Dexter), and Rachael Lillis did the female voice (Dexette). Awesome!! =D

    Now, if only Pokemon USA would hire Rachael Lillis as Jessie for season 12. Then, they could actually use her for the female Pokedex voice again.

    However, it's sad that even *this* kind of thread ends up getting locked. Wow, what a shame.... =\

    Sounds like the staff are very paranoid that VA flamewars are going to happen. Guess they don't think we can actually discuss VAs in a mature manner. But I think we can, they just won't give us that chance. =\
    Uhm, not meaning to bother you, but have you found out DP 69's dub title yet? You're really quick at finding them out, so I was just wondering...
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