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Oct 29, 1993 (Age: 24)
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    1. Max1996
      Roserade certainly is cool.
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      2. Muur
        Indeed, mine took down Infernapes for fun back in gen 4
        May 24, 2018
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    2. Vulpix037
    3. Lillie_Mallow_Lana
      I am glad that England for 20 years reached the final after beating italia, aand glad to see your post in Spore Vs Sleeping Powder thread. I respect bolton also
    4. Lillie_Mallow_Lana
      I do know Bickeham, Owen, Ronney the golden boy, and so on. the reason of why England team alwyas lost is the luck. England Always the best my opinion. It is my dream country
    5. Lillie_Mallow_Lana
      Lillie_Mallow_Lana is my new name, so thank you very much for every answer you answered me in my threads
    6. Lillie_Mallow_Lana
      no, i am a man who really love girls, and want to be one of your best friends. and yes, and the same with sevilla. I do love Sevilla, and I am the support of England, and any team of england in uefa, and in europe, but if they challenged man u, or sevilla then i will motivates my teams

      and I am also in 23 of my years, I did became 23 in 19 of may
      1. Muur
        Why England? I mean i guess it's cool if you support the English football team at say the World Cup but it's pretty random lol

        Also surprised you know what K-On is
        Jun 5, 2017
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      2. Lillie_Mallow_Lana
        Sure, I love Girl Animes, and know these animes, but no really I do love England national team, and always hate the luck that happned against them in the penalties all the time.
        Jun 5, 2017
    7. Lillie_Mallow_Lana
      Nice avatar miss muur and glad to be the of you best friends here. I really love the girl from roselia, and roserage, and love the girl in k-on, and glad to be your friend. My best country always the england; so glad that you are from England. One day, I will visit England, My national team is england, and my team is Man U; so I hope that I didn't annoyeed you by posting here
    8. Max1996
      "Mystery Food X that would make Yukiko proud"
      Guess fans of the same games as me can be found anywhere, huh.
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      2. Muur
        I played Golden, the two fighting, Dancing, Q and watched both animes. I had quite the fun with P4
        Apr 23, 2017
      3. Max1996
        Me too. Persona 5 is good in my opinion too.
        Apr 23, 2017
      4. Muur
        I'm 65 hours and 6 dungeons in, it's great. Futaba is such a cutie.
        Apr 23, 2017
    9. Poke Trey
      Poke Trey
      Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and hey there fellow Dub fan!
      1. Muur
        Merry Christmas to you too.
        Dec 26, 2016
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    10. Ryu Taylor
      Ryu Taylor
      It's hard to not get fed up with baseless dub hate, huh?
      1. Muur
        Lol I didn't realise there was this comment here... yeah, I just sigh whenever the haters come in, mainly about the music though...
        Feb 10, 2017
      2. Ryu Taylor
        Ryu Taylor
        Yep, because they think Shinji Miyazaki is a sacred cow that must never be tipped.
        Feb 21, 2017
    11. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      Sadly true. Writers might take more lazy route in skipping all around most important feature in XY games Ash character could promote, covering it through in lot of ways sudden and contrived sudden speacial transformation apparently Ash Froakie will underwent after evolving to Greninja. Which came out of nowhere looking silly imo. Since instead of transformation accentuating pokemon characteristics making it original in its own right it tries to make pokemon something which isnt. In trying to make it similar to its trainer.
    12. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      Fair enough from you. I respect your current feelings about Misty because she can be acquired taste, but im glad that your open minded leaving slightly ajar doors in being willing to give her second chance depending on what kind of role and development in case of coming back for longer would there be. It shows Misty might have some redeeming qualities and she could positively surprise.
      I mean i think some of my ideas in how she could develop more and advance her dreams seem reasonable and interesting.:uhoh:

      Same here, i would love if Ash Sceptile could mega evolve. Just showing it in mega evolution specials and how badass it looked when shooting those missile like atacks from its back makes it such amazing pokemon. Everyone say that would be Charizard because of popularity and while i would be fine with it i guess.

      I would rather want that other less used pokemon from Ash team gets chance for mega evolution. He has several like: Heracross, Glalie, Sceptile, even Squirtle and Bulbasaur if they ever evolve to their full stage.

      And with his other pokemon we could see Ash relationship, trust and care with his pokemon be put to test. Giving bigger variety and unpredictability to his story(because Charizard would be seen coming by a mile). If you get what i mean.:-)

      That is unless fire lizard has third mega form depending on whether pokemon z games happen to be true. Than that might change things abit.

      Honestly i think Roserade would be suitable choice for Serena, but than again since she almost never battles and given nature of pokemon showcase. That pokemon wouldn't have way to properly shine revealing all of its virtues and strength sadly. Being showed just for looks and flashy parading.
    13. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      Yea i know that we had Misty before, but thing is she was royally screwed over in terms of closure. Because writers left her story unfinished, goals unfulfilled and lot of potential to do more just never being used. We could see Misty enter chain of water based tournaments serving as follow up from Whirl Cup. Like underwater battles? That seems pretty cool and great way to test someone knowledge and skills with water pokemon.
      Catch new pokemon like Milotic, Clawitzer, Jellicent(half ghost/half water would help in giving more diversity).

      Take advantage of Lorelei being her idol and her goal of becoming strongest water trainer being linked with E4 pursuing position of E4 apprentice or member training and battling evaluators, passing tasks to see if shes worthy for position(we never had such story in Pokemon),etc.

      I mean it would give Misty way to measure how much she improved and feel relevant as she advance and develop abit more. Because if there exists potential to do more, i always say make good use of it.

      My stance about this is:
      Even if i didnt liked her character before i would personally still give it second chance to see if my prejudices and fears might be proven wrong or not. But thats just me.:-)
    14. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      I see.

      Though its not that Misty was mean persay. She was kinda misunderstood having sad childhood of growing without parents and constantly being berated by sisters questioned by everyone. Showing gradually with time when warming up to Ash and Brock how behind that rough facade she is caring, understanding and optimistic(risking life to save Ash, being moral support and protective over her friends). It also didn''t help that Ash was lot of times acting like jerk making fun of her goals, looks and often getting her and Brock in trouble. Not listening to anyone.

      Either way there is always left room for improvement and if by any chance Misty came back; who knows you might be enjoying in her character nowadays?
      Misty did matured.
      Things change, characters mature and develop(well if Hoenn visits were something to go by this holds truth in Misty case balancing out her fiery, sarcastic and more independent, kind side). And maybe we see her sporting new look like her HGSS style or she lets hair down having it longer like when she played role as mermaid.;-)
      Personally i admit it could be fun and refreshing to see this character play some relevance after such a long time and in what way her personality, battle skills, dreams and new role she would be placed in would impact story.
    15. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      Yep that sounds like great idea. I could already picture Cilan coming up with his connoisseur phrases in describing styles and coordination between girls and their pokemon in showcase lol. He would be great materia for judge there, and apparently before Yashio(Palermo) retired professional judges existed who evaluated participants in performance. I wish they could expanded on this explaining why ever since than pokemon showcase is only judged by audience.

      p.s. About Misty i was wandering. But would you ever be ok with Misty becoming main character again(not permanently, but for few seasons serving more so as sequel and way to close down unfinished chapters i talked about). And in case you would under what circumstances, what terms?
      Since were talking about her, im just curious.
    16. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      p.s. Not to mention Kalos gives so many opportunities as well: I mean there is Gyarados which could mega evolve, E4 Siebold who is basically water master and writers could develop subplot in Misty going through struggles trying to impress him and end up taken as apprentice teaching her secrets about water pokemon, Kalos is based on France Misty always fantasized of visiting, there could be more Battle Chateau if post league filer season exists or writers could possibly have some powerful expert hosting tournaments similar to Whirl Cup expanding on master of water title giving Misty events to enter and improve. Seeing Misty in action again, do follow up and develop more and bring more life in main cast we have in XY with her emotional, brash, sarcastic and optimistic, playful attitude.

      It passed 10 years(last time we saw Misty was in 2005), which is well very long time. Why not?

      p.s. Oh sorry i got carried away. Hope i didn't bothered you, its just i got inspiration currently. :embarass:
    17. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      I kinda wish writers would break this formula keeping one of Kalos main characters for next generation. Allowng to explore them more and develop in more orofound ways. That or try out things other anime like Bakugan, Yugioh, Inazuma Eleven Go did/does. Bringing back some of older characters doing sequel to their stoiries and helping advance plot of newer ones.

      Im not gonna lie, i would like to see Cilan, Misty or May return to main cast(not forever, but one more region or at least season). Preferably Misty because she left lot more to be dersired having potential to be developed more never really getting closure to her story. If you get what i mean?
      She took gym over out of pbligation staying because of lazy sisters. Expressing desire to travel again in chronicles never becoming water master or living up to idol E4 Lorelei. Many things about her past with parents abandoning her and sisters in early years(according to mr. Shudo Misty was forced to grow up fast for her age potentially being reason behind rough, violent exterior showed in series to cover up her fears and insecurities due to constant degradation experienced from her older siblings), her feelings were left unresolved or what will come out of her future.

      True at gym theres not enough material to do more meaningful arc out of it(but we did got some cool momnents like getting over Gyarados fear, showcasing new pokemon like Luvdisc working in becoming closer with Daisy repairing their broken relation etc).
      But mate in my last message i brought lot of ways to develop her forward and do some great storyline(set of episodes)in advancing her characer. Through her solo travels(entirely possible being adventurer and having higher dreams than to be gym leader she wants to reach).;-)
      We saw with Candice, Fantina, Cilan, Clemont etc how gym leaders can go on long journeys if substitute is found.
    18. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      Oh i wouldn't mind that. Just imagine possibilities:

      We could see May Johto arc covered and where she headed next, How Dawn went at Wallace Cup in Johto and explore on her claim how Wallaced is her idol(she said that in her special ).

      Or Misty and what happened to her(maybe she changed look with sisters talking her into despite her tomboyish nature objecting to it) xd. It would be cool if she went on journey to catch new pokemon. Imagine her meeting Surskit lol providing great development in being torn between love for water and hate for bugs.:-p

      Reenter Whirl Cup or other tournaments exploring water master title and connection to water spirits brought by priestess Maya advancing goal and developing more creative strategies. Learn how to use water to full potential(like mega evolving Gyarados) going through struggling questioning if she is failure as trainer.Maybe end up as Lorelei apprentice training with her on Seafoam, islands. I say Lorelei because Misty worships her saying in OS how she wants to reach her level.

      I talked more about her, because for some weird reason fandom always questions what exactly can be done with her? I say alot.

      Seeing Paul would be cool too showing how his rematch vs Brandon went, did he changed his training style and possibly hear about mega evolution serving as foreshadowing in going to Kalos, Looking for ways to increase his power.,

      I mean why not? Unless you think some dont have potential to offer more?

      p.s,. You know what? I agree, i think Korrina joining main cast would been great thing. She is competent trainer, has amazing pokemon, her discord in understanding Lucario feelings and needs or overconfidence being too sure in herself. Showed how she still has lot to learn and evolve as person and trainer even after managing to control mega Lucario leaving room for more growth.

      And yea she looks fabulous. Having somewhat experienced, such upbeat and versatile character like her would be welcomed.
    19. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      Nice choices. I liked Dawn too. Maybe she wasn't among my favorites, but her depression and losing streak staggering her faith in choosing right path to follow moved me being quite sad. It was rewarding experience when she managed finally to get out of mother shadow and earn her own credibility.

      As for Korrina she was total badass. Whats not to like? Girl who knows martial arts, is great battler, has nice looks and had pretty solid development wih her Lucario strengthening on mutual bond.

      p.s. Isn't it sad how so many grreat past characters are forgotten and left to rot like they never happened. Never seeing continuation of their stories or what they are like nowadays?
      I thank that to terrible continuity this anime has and well frequent character replacing making pool of past characters by this point too big to expect any updates anymore.

      If only there happened chronicles again, they have more than enough materioal, unfinished stories and popular fan favorites to focus on. :-)
    20. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      Hey there. You know i wanted to ask you if you have favorite main characters in Pokemon?

      Mine top favorite are:

      I know, first one is unpopular pick nowadays. :-p
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