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  • Hmm... the Azelf doesn't have the EVs or IVs you said it does. It's IVs are 31/26/02/31/07/31 (Speed at the end) and it's EVs are 255 Speed and 255 Sp. Attack. It does end up with Hidden Power Ice 70 though, so that's cool. Just so you know.
    I am in. I don't see you. Let me check my Pal Pad and wifi,
    as I was typing, my game informed me that I didn't have a wifi connection. Ugh. Heading back in now.
    Sorry for the delay; I had to put my laundry in the dryer. I'm ready now though. I'll go loiter in the wifi room.
    I don't think Bill Gates really cares, since it was some other dudes who made the Internet. And even if he did feel bad about it, a quick swim in his pool filled with money would make him feel better again :)

    I can have the Azelf then? Cool. When would you like to trade? I'll be around for a few minutes still, then back later tonight.
    Don't worry, I won't trade it away. I hardly even trade away the stuff I'm allowed too. My skills have been sufficient to get me nice things up to this point, and since I can make 'em shiny now, I should be good for a while longer :D
    I knew I was forgetting something -_-;
    That Azelf sounds really nice! I might just go with that. Are you positive it's legit?
    It was my Cranidos though, still would have thought I'd have heard something if he was banned...
    Who told you that? Because I haven't heard anything and I presumed I would have done, considering it was my complaint.
    Done! The Bagon gave me a bit of trouble (and still got the last laugh). Stats are:
    Maxie the Bagon (M) Naughty (Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump, Shadow Claw, Fire Fang) Shiny
    Donny the Cranidos (M) Brave (Hammer Arm, Crunch, Earthquake, Swords Dance) Shiny

    I probably overdid it on the EVs/moves, but I figure that if I'm going to spend all this time RNGing shinies, I might as well try to make them good.

    I checked your shop. You don't have many EV trained guys in stock, so what do the IVs of the modest Azelf look like?
    Actually I can't RNG. I have reset for a good IV Pokemon then breed it with my flawless Ditto. :p Either way it's going good. I'm trying to breed the egg moves you want first then get a male to breed with the Ditto.
    I've dealt with the NR case. As for the Battle Video, I couldn't find it there; must've been pruned off the system like many other videos. Dunno about the Tower Multi challenge; could be interesting but I could totally ruin the run - doubles is even more difficult than singles :p
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