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Recent content by N.k

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    Funny Pokémon Goodies

    Re: Just found this hilarious pokevid - Some swearing I don't care if this counts as a month–old bump or what and I'm prolly gonna get reported for it for the 9289th time, It's been forever since I've posted on this forum... That and tomorrow's mah barfday. This was in my dA favorites, I...
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    Caption the avatar above (related to caption the scene).

    (Dear lord, it's been forever since I've been here.) *puffs smoke in face* Problem?
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    Game with the best graphical style?

    Gen 3... Not fond of the slightly 3D style of gens 4 & 5. Gen 2 comes close second though.
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    cant they make up names instead of colours

    I find the color names for cities/towns really pretty actually... Why didn't like the name "Seafoam" and "Lavender" when they were little? There's a "White City" in Pokemon Stadium 2. :P
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    Clefable and Gengar

    Oh look, it's this conversation again. I sorta disagree with these claims, for one thing, Gengar comes from a separate family, as does Clefable, just because they look similar is like saying Ditto is a baby Grimer. That, and they're getting old now, I'm sorry.
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    Pokemon Creepypasta V.2 (Read First Post Before Posting)

    I think someone did that idea before... Urk, people are becoming stale of ideas I think. :\
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    Random Images

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    Caption the avatar above (related to caption the scene).

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    Your Favorite Pokemon Character

    A real ditz that gets your room messy and looks like Amitie from Puyo Fever... Erika.
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    Your Favorite Pokemon Character

    Asshole wanted me to get all the badges claiming I "wasn't good enough" to fight him. Cheren.
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    Caption the avatar above (related to caption the scene).

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    Your Favorite Pokemon Character

    Ash is too lazy to evolve it. Leaf.(Female FR/LG character)
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    Music What music are you currently listening to?

    I'm So Lucky, Lucky – Lucky Twice Nothing you can do to scream and shout~
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    Caption the avatar above (related to caption the scene).

    I can walk on water when you least expect it, U MAD?
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    Your Favorites

    Favorite Pokemon: Marowak. Favorite Anime Character: Jigglypuff... Never liked anyone else. Favorite Game Trainer: Leaf. Favorite Gym Leader: Bugsy. Favorite Elite Four Member: Will. Favorite Champion: Steven. Favorite Item: Exp. Share/All. Favorite Legendary: Entei...