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  • i will leave in like 10 min for like an hour but after i should be on for most of the day. i will input your FC into my game Visitor message me when your ready. if not i will visitor message you.
    0732 7164 8885. Name: Anabele.

    What times are good for you? i can't trade right now, as I can't find my DS >.<

    The sad part is that I put it down literally this morning. Grrr.
    i will take the celibi im a collector of sorts, My Friend Code is 3223-7937-4306 i also have a shop here its flaming seals clubbable pokemon shop

    what is your Friend code
    Let's see. I think I can migrate a shiny Pichu with Volt Tackle. Already migrated, I have an event Japanese Celebi. I can get any breeded shiny for you, though. It shouldn't take me very long.
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