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Recent content by Nagini

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    Nevermet Shippings

    Red/Leaf [gameverse] Domino/Hun Petrel/Wendy Solidad/Robert
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    COMPLETE: No Freedom for Marionettes (TEEN)

    A/N: Inspired by an RP. Kotone x Lance Cannonshipping. T for violence. A side note as well, Kotone is seventeen-eighteen-ish, but she looks younger. You know, baby face. Lance is likely twenty-four or twenty-five. He's an Executive. This isn't set in Slowpoke Well per se; more like a generic...
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    Your "THATS NOT POSSIBLE" moments

    The time I used Earthquake in a two-on-two battle and it hurt my Claydol, too. I was like, "You have Levitate! WTF?!"
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    Tomboy? Girly-Girl? Tom Girl? Pure Male?

    Tomboy. I'm a girl, but I wear flannel, jeans, graphic tees...I don't like getting all "girled up" or anything like that.
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    Eye Colour!

    Blue. But it looks green if I'm wearing a warm color...
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    If you were an elite four member, what would your team be?

    ICE -Weavile -Glalie -Walrein -Jynx -Hitmonchan (With Ice Punch) I need a Wild Card in there somewhere...
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    Which trainer class do you wanna be?

    Team Rocket Exec or a Gym Leader.
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    Which starting town is your favorite?

    Twinleaf Town. It was almost like a resort: lake, snow, and all.
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    Contest Looker Vs. Eusine

    I always found Looker a little bit creepy, whereas Eusine's purposes were more obvious. Plus, Eusine has better Pokemon... So Eusine.
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    What's your favorite ability?

    I always liked Synchronize, since some Oddish would always use Stun Spore on my Gardevoir and I'd be like "Hah! Screw you!" Then I'd realize Gardevoir was paralyzed too and run away. But it gave me about twenty seconds of feeling like a badass.
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    How the awards work

    Re: The New Awards System A question about Christmas contest: I'm not actually Christian, so can a winter story be entered? I feel that a Christmas contest is not fair to people of other faiths...
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    Bulbagarden! Season Three (Chapter 43 Up) Rated T

    Re: Bulbagarden!: Season One Dude, I didn't realize I was that much of a bitch! I love this! I also forgot about this since I haven't been on for three months. It was quite a pleasant surprise xD
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    Which pokemon would you like to get a new evolution?

    Absol, Mr. Mime, and Corsola.
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    Do you plant berries?

    Only in HG for my shop. I've never touched the berries in D/P/Pt.
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    How do you eat your yogurt?

    With a spoon. I'm boring.