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  • Ive reset my router and double checked everything. I don't know why we can't connect let's try one more time.
    In regards to the Snover, I bred them all mind you. Not one of them was cloned or hacked I actually spent a good 3 long days breeding each one. And if you had any questions or concerns in regards to legitimacy you could have asked. I really would have appreciated a faster reply in regards to if you still even want the Pokemon or not overall, but have a nice day as well.
    I can trade now. I'll check back here every five minutes to see if you're online.
    Hey, when are you usually around? Your the only person left I need to trade with. :p

    Edit: Come January 5th, if you don't respond I will no longer hold Snover for you. I'm sorry, but I won't reserve a Pokemon for a long extended period of time with no replies on when your available and etc. So I'll just cancel.
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