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  • Oh, Americans aren't all bad. After all, you're one, and I'm dating another =P

    As for Fire Emblem, there shall be NO DEATHS, I DO NOT ALLOW MAH PEEPLE TO DIE >.< I automatically ragequit a level any time one of my guys goes down. I guess I'm just soft that way xD

    Oh, that'd be an interesting job. It all looks good on a resume I suppose. That's where I think my weakness is - the only prior experience I have is delivering junk mail, which doesn't particularly cross over into the computer science field. Ah well, there are a few entry-level positions I suppose. The schooling you're looking to do, is that for fitness qualification?
    She's doing something in writing or editing, it's a pretty wide field. I'm not really worried about finding jobs here, we actually have a fair few, it's just finding a job that across an ocean that's particularly tricky.

    Yeah I'm a bit of a multiplayer gamer, few singleplayer games keep me interested these days beyond the hardcore RPGs. I'm currently punishing myself with Fire Emblem: Awakening - not looking forwards to the Lunatic difficulty run >_>

    Actually, both! xD The past ten weeks have been on the house we have just moved into, but the next two or so will be spent fixing up the old place so that it can be rented.

    What are you up to these days beyond your uni stuff?
    Yep, either I'll get there or she'll come here, just gotta wait a while. She's finishing her degree in like 2.5 years, so that's the worst case. Hopefully I can get over on a temporary green card a year from now or something.

    Dota is, um, complicated. To put it nicely. It has an incredibly steep learning curve, and being multiplayer based, there is usually very little room for error. Still, I really enjoy it - it's like an RPG and an action game mixed up and on steroids. I try not too play it too often though, because sometimes I make silly mistakes or get matched with idiots and end up punching walls >_>;
    Yeah, I've sent a few resumes out as in via email, but no responses as of yet. Gotta stay hopeful though, and worst case I get a job here and just earn money until I find another way over.

    Ah fair enough. I've never read any of Sigmund Freud's work, but I know enough about it to guess that I probably wouldn't be interested xD It probably helped that the philosophical courses I took (bar Philosophy of Religion) had a kind of sciency swing to it.

    Bah, nothing much has happened in Jathan's world since you left, don't rush to get to it or anything. I have lots of stuff planned out and some of it is even written but stuff keeps getting in the way, most notably a raging Dota 2 addiction XD
    Yeah I don't think it should be too hard to find a computer-based job, I've seen a few but haven't applied for any as of yet. I'd LOVE to find one over in Michigan, but I haven't had any luck - I look for a couple of hours every week but it's always the same three jobs, none of which take my application seriously, I bet.

    Oh, I did Philosophy of Religion too! I really enjoyed it, especially / in spite of the fact that I am religious. What was the one about Sex and Love like? I think that was a first-semester class here and I already had a full load. I really like game theory, its all about how to maximise your gains in a competition when competing against other players. Things like the prisoner scenarios.

    Sleep is for the weak! Except that's me, I can't stay up past 10pm no matter what. Five years of getting up at 5am on the dot has that kinda ingrained, so sleeping in isn't really an option for me. Besides, I've been trying to force this out for ages, and I'm about two thirds of the way through. It's a side-story for my Jathan Einherjar series - I haven't written one of them in over a year because I'm concentrating on this one. In what spare time I have >_>
    I actually considered going into teaching, to the point that I applied for and got into a post-graduation education degree. I did like a fortnight of it but something snapped inside me, and I thought "I've spent four years at uni and over 15 years at school, I can't do this any more". Unfortunately I've been press-ganged into working on the house 24/7, so I haven't been able to find a job :L But yeah, I liked Philosophy, especially the game theory and the logic gates and the argument construction.

    Oh dammit, RaW shows how tired I am >.< That list is actually taken directly from the Library, if you remember / were there for the brief period of time that the Library was actually considered a viable thing. I've actually been in the process of writing a Mecha story for the past two years simply because someone said they didn't think it could be done XD
    No worries! These are the items you still have in your possession: Park Ball x2, Super Ball x2, Hyper Ball x2, Lava Cookie x3, Energy Powder x3
    Hey, there. I just wanted to clarify your message about your run. You wanted to leave that one, correct? So you can start a new one?
    Sorry, I must have missed your last message, I've been very busy what with moving houses and everything ._.

    I'll have to read your entry, your writing is always fantastic (I reread one of your grades before I do any of my own ^^;). Unfortunately, it'll probably get chucked onto the end of my never-ending list of stuff to do >_>

    I did a few semester of philosophy amongst my computer science degree, I found it fun but a bit airy for me and it doesn't really lead anywhere. Fitness training sounds cool, not really for me though. *cough*imabitofablob*cough*

    The RaW competition I really enjoyed, it was fresh and new and didn't have a singular winner, I'd like to see more of them. Glad I could help you with some motivation ^^
    That's fantastic to hear, I've often wondered how you were getting along. And hey, canes never lost style - all you need is a monocle. O.-

    No worries about the Park, the joke is that since you left I've only progressed forwards about five or so Encounters :L Lazy little boy that I am. We'll definitely go through some time in the future, though.

    Everything is going fairly well for me. I graduated from my degree at the start of this year and I'm currently smack-bang in the middle of moving houses, closer to the city. The biggest news is probably that I went over to the US for three weeks in February to spend time with my girlfriend, that was fantastic. Kinda sucks that we're 10,000 miles apart, but whatcha gunna do?

    So what are your plans from here on?
    Hey man, it's been a while since I've seen you around. I'm sorry, but I need to keep moving on my Park run, I'm anxiously waiting on some of the mons I hope to get out and I don't want to keep Winter waiting. We'll do a Team Run when you're better.

    I hope it's all going well, and I look forwards to the next time we cross paths.
    Haji has sensed other conversations before, as well as talking to other people and mons mind-to-mind. I've done it on the last couple of runs with Chainy, in fact, since he uses his Gallade all the time, and Chainy and Haji speak sometimes. Feel free to go ahead with an idea if you got it ^^
    Hey, Guest. Sorry it's taken me so long to post. Someone I live with spent the week in the hospital and then I had a ton of homework to do in between trips to the place. I'll have a post up by today or tomorrow sometime. Feel free to spam me if this ever happens again lol ._.
    Read it, and thanks again :D You'll be the first to read it when I get around to the next chapter.

    Granted, that may take a while due to studying and moving soon... it will get written eventually though, promise!
    Damn ._. How actually are you?

    I'll post my sign up as soon as possible. Also, don't ever feel rushed to post for us - this is supposed to be fun, and rushed posting is not fun.
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