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  • Sure, I'll follow your lead. I've got a stash of PokeDolls, so you won't need to worry about them. Do you want to use a Repellent of some sort, like to repel Psychic-types or something? If not, I'll just buy a Tyrogue Repellant - no point catching the Hitmon family in the Park because they're available in the PokeMart xD
    I've been good. =) Busy, but good!

    Looking forward to discussing some epic story stuff with y'all on AIM or some such. ^_^ Good to have you back!
    Maybe you should get that checked out. Do you also see elephants on tables with lawn mowers, and stuff? 'Cause I think there's a medical name for that.
    I'd be surprised if you remember due to the insane amount of stories that you graded in the past... but a long time ago you graded my second story, titled Fate and Dreams (was for a Ralts). You seemed to have an interest in it, so thought I should point out that it now has a prequel of sorts ^^

    Brothers, Chapter One (Innocence)

    It's been graded for a while now, but was curious about your opinion since I plan to possibly make it an ongoing series.
    Ahahaha, late reply is late. But yes, we're doing it FOR AS LONG AS I BREATHE (which, in retrospect, should really be AS LONG AS I'M ON URPG BUT THIS NAME SOUNDS SILLY). Fixed it all up, though, and glad to know that someone actually bothers getting their little typos fixed. Glad I could help. ^.^

    OH GOD MY HAND. IT ATE MY HAND. Wait that was an Oreo... Safe for now.
    Sounds like a plan ^^ I'm about two-thirds of the way through my final battle, and Winter will probably post for me tomorrow, so yeah, bout a week.
    Oktori sounds like a good plan to me, I'd looooove me a Cryogonal, and I don't have many Ice-types in my collection. I'm missing a few Fighting-types in my collection still as well ^^
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