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  • Okay, sweet, hopefully it shouldn't be too long, my Ranger is awesome but she's very busy.

    And nah, I'm up for pretty much anything too. Wherever you want to go is fine with me ^^
    Lol, either-or. My own run should be done in a couple of weeks at the worst case, so that offer would be as a Trainer, but if it's not done in time then I could take you through as a Ranger (perhaps, my load is pretty full right now).
    Weeeeeird. Most of the schools I'm applying to don't offer any form of scholarships, and I'm not applicable for aid... so ARE YOU TELLING ME I CAN TAKE AS MANY CLASSES AS I WANT?

    With the majors I'm hoping to pursue, I'll probably end up taking twice as many credits as I'm supposed to...

    And yeah, that shouldn't be too tough. XD

    And... yeah, kindof. My school is like NO HOMEWORK. And I'm like LET'S COME UP WITH SIX BILLION RANDOM THINGS TO DO TO ENTERTAIN MYSELF. So now I'm learning guitar, ocarina, ventriloquism, and sleight of hand in my free time...

    Nope. Not going to start it. ...XD The user is MIA regardless. When yours pops up, I'll take a look. I SHOULD BE DONE WITH MY GRADE BY SPRING. >_>;
    I read this Harry Potter fanfiction once. Harry's aura had holes in it. He filled it with penises. Like, thirty or so of them. At once, I think. ...URPG is kindof like that.


    I'm too lazy. I think I graded, like, three times that whole time. SENIOR YEAR, MAN. SO BUSY/SO BUSY NOT BEING BUSY.

    Oh yes. I still have to finish the grade for the story I claimed in August... Huhhhh...
    We're endearing, aren't we?

    'n yeah, that's cool. None of us could figure out whether or not your signature was a sick joke....


    I shall look forward to your contributions. :eek:
    Hey, on the bright side, you can live in The Hangover. WITH BRADLEY COOPER. According to Fanfiction.net, that's the dream of everyone who's seen it... sleeping with... Bradley Cooper... Yeah...
    Not all, and looking at it positively is probably the best way of doing it :)

    I guess he did, and I can understand why in that situation he would have done it.
    Oh, fair enough, I'd want to start over too if I'd been away this long. Well that's cool, you can build a new team and make them NUKEM ^^ Except for Gallade, he's mine >.>
    Oh dear. Condolences, and... welcome back? Although I can think of better things to do with your life than rejoin URPG. XD BUT AT THE SAME TIME. I AM PLEASED TO HAVE YOU, YOU INDESTRUCTIBLE PEDO, YOU. You gonna get back into things right off the bat? (If you want to grade, you don't need to retake the test or anything.)
    :p That was pretty funny ( the battle joke, not your story)

    What you went through sounds pretty rough, but it is good to see you are more optimistic about it than most people would be and are making jokes, and I am glad to hear you can walk again :) I must admit that I believe I was one of the ones who started wondering if you were dead after your signature and sudden departure, and I think I might have raised this point to several people a loooooong time ago and most of us ended up thinking you had. Maybe next time tell your brother that if he is going to alter your accounts to provide more accurate information so he doesnt scare anyone? :p
    That's good to hear. And I don't play the URPG anymore and haven't been on the forums since late December, but if you can send a link to where it is I'll read
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