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  • Omg....DAMNIT. I'm so stupid... I was thinking Snorunt evolved into Abomasnow for some reason.... >____> Any possible way you may edit Snorunt's name with SNOVER's by any chance? If you can and if it somehow ends up going along the same way with the storyline (both are ice anyway), then that would be freaking awesome.

    Damn creators making their names sound the same and stuff :(
    Thanks! The NWC ones i've all looked at already for the contest so i have some notes on them already so i figured i'd grade them
    I got AIM. Havnt been on it much though :). Im excited for that Forum one, sounds like its gonna be pretty hectic though. Which will make it that much more enjoyable, haha. My exams mean less summer for me, plus im taking Math 11 in the summer to. Which means even less summer to enjoy. Im more of a winter guy anyways though. So its all good.
    Havnt done an FFA yet. at all. I really wanna though. They sound like fun. I dont have my exa,s untill one more moht. Which im pretty happy about.
    After they get captured, I go to the Mart and get your 2 Mons + 1-2 TMs each and then we trade.

    And cool. ^___^
    Just wanted to thank for helping us catch up with our grading. You've been a big help and we appreciate it.
    Please, don't feel at all pressured to read it until after your exams! I extremely appreciate all of the help you've given me for both of my stories, that I can't actually say anything but good of you. So please, don't feel at all like you need to do anything more.

    I'm so thankful, and I hope you do amazingly on your exams. I know you have the grammar to pull it off! :D
    I think...my story (picture perfect) is ready for re grade, when your ready please. I posted a edited story beneath the original grade.
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