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  • That's fine. How does a Bronzor and Snorunt sound? Both are in Medium category (which is 20-40k to write for both). I'll buy you any two mart mons and 1-2 TMs for each (all of your choice). Sounds good?
    Interested in a Story Deal? It's when one person writes a story for a Pokemon (and one you want if you want) the other person wants, and the other person gets the writer any mart mon with 'x' amount of TMs based on the difficulty of said Pokemon written for. So, you interested? :eek:
    Well, I don't mean to stomp on your enthusiasm, but there's really no reason why they need to be done this weekend. There's usually at least a little bit of "backlog" on stories that need grading; that's just how it is.

    In fact, it's kind of lame when there isn't at least one story that needs grading, 'cuz then graders get all sad... Might seem strange, but I've seen it happen.

    But hell, if you want to go on some crazy grading binge, far be it from me to stop you. I carry no illusions about it being "for my sake," though. :p

    Oh, and I'm not doing them this weekend. I'll probably wait another week or two. 'r whatever. It's a monthly thing, 'n it hasn't been a month since the URPG opened here yet, so that's my excuse.
    I have also been grading like crazy. For instance, Coasting Wingull's new Wurmple is from a story I graded. So you're not alone, don't worry.
    I can't exactly do a 'grading binge' due to being somewhat busy IRL, but I will do my level best to help you eliminate the backlog!

    Graders 4 Evah! ^_^
    Wurmple has been caught and received a nickname.. Ready when you are for the Wurmple vs Caterpie battle. By the way, its been a while... Hows it going?
    A note to writers: following this post, I will not be answering any PMs or VMs asking for a Grade until the backed-up stories from the initial activity explosion in the Stories section have been taken care of. As far as I'm concerned, this includes any and all stories posted on or before April 25th, starting with the stories on my own personal backup list, then from the earliest posted story, and forward from there. Your story will eventually be Graded, but pestering me about it won't get it done any faster, trust me.

    This is an impersonal message and was not inspired by anyone in particular (especially not you, Knight of Day, so don't bother apologizing). This is simply something that must be done in order for the URPG to move forward.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
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