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  • Also...I'm kinda nervous to post another story without seeing whether my writing is any good or not *shrugs*

    And...I'm waiting for refs for both of my battles, and no one has showed up...
    I know, but...wait...was that list you posted the list that of stories that you graded? Or claimed?
    Again, I'm really sorry if I sound bothersome, but...I posted my story yesterday, and all of the other stories have been graded except mine. Did I miss something?


    _Knight of Day
    Thanks for grading my story. It was my first story and im REALLY rusty. I havent written in yonks! Currently im writing a story for a Spheal. Once agin thank you so much!
    well, I've finished revising Healing Aura. I just wanted to thank you again for the simply incredible review. Adding in your suggestions and tweaking some of the grammar made a huge difference in the quality of the work.
    wow thats impressive. I'm planning on pretty much shutting myself off from everything for finals week.
    xD My only advice would be not to overwork yourself. because after all, we've got IRL stuff to worry about.
    so you passed the official grader test? (not that I'm surprised based on what I saw...)

    congrats are in order for that.
    I dont mind at all. I've been working on them on and off for the past couple of days. I've finished most of the content (i.e adding the additional transitional memories that you suggested, described the battle between the rangers and the poachers in dramatic detail, and increasing the Riolu's role in the story by having it sense Jonny's emotional shift while drowning) but I still need to make sure it all fits together right and I still have to back and fix up all the grammar and structure things.
    well yah I want a grade for it, but Im unsure what your talking about

    You dont have to write about pokemon you own. I never put the Nidoran in my stats >.>

    You'll get the hang of this eventually =)
    Hey Neighbourhood-geust. For this Contest I was wondering if you could look my story over when It's finished? I have problems with my punctuation.
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