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  • Wouldn't it be good for Asperger's Syndrome/Autism Group to have a picture?
    Its from a Japanese version of Deviantart called Pixiv

    Online community for artists[pixiv]

    If you mean the anime, its from Kaleido Star
    Yeah, but I'm an Admin. I can see invisible users.

    Anywho, Ive been checking out that show "Better Off Ted". Really good stuff. You dig it, right?
    wow, I haven't seen you log on in a while.

    to be fair, I haven't been looking either.
    Can I Join the Asperger's Syndrome Group? I was rediagnosed in 10th Grade with it, and I would like to meet other cases like myself. Feel free to say yes or no.
    I'm seen some of your stuff on R100 (which is awesome, btw, can never find enough Diamondshipping fanfiction), along with some other pieces there. Sort of added some of what I read into my own HC, since it works so well or appeals to me, like Madame Boss's name being Lucrezia. Though I don't believe the TRio actually know they're babysitting. Here's my chart, in case you were curious. I'm still playing around with it though.
    Damn, I would've killed to attended that way back when. Guilty of having a few songs from it on my iPod, with my favorite being Giovanni's solo number. Hard to imagine his anime-self singing, but I can't help but enjoy it.

    Could definitely see that. How do you think he feels about Vicious? If he's onto him, he's probably going for "keep your enemies closer," but for how long would that go on? Until Vicious makes a grab for power, or something else?
    I don't see why they shouldn't be. Why get worked up over fictional characters?
    That said, I can understand getting attached to certain ships over the years. I try to be respectful towards everyone's preferences in ships, because for the majority of them there is no set canon anyway. So ship and let ship I say~
    And to be honest, I love the angle you play up with it. Currently I've been on a Diamondshipping-is-still-going-on kick and the father-daughter relationship between Giovanni and Domino fits in with that quite nicely. It's obvious they have deep connection, because otherwise I doubt she would have gotten away with yelling at him and question him in Mewtwo Returns.

    That I am. Perhaps because of nostalgia, or maybe because in the anime they're the only team still alive and kicking at the end of its respective regions. Regardless, Team Rocket stuff is my favorite. Never written any fanfiction myself for it, except for the rather poor introduction post in Line Inspiration V2, but I did attempt a relationship chart for my favored head canon.
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