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Neo Blaze
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10:24 AM
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  • Rewatched the original Lion King for the first time in forever (seriously, unless I'm forgetting something, I think I was still in primary school when I last saw it) and boy does it hold up. Other than The Iron Giant it's pretty much my favorite western animation film.
    You should watch Kimba the White Lion! It's a Japanese series that's apparently kinda similar to The Lion King????

    ...it's a good movie though. not my fav, but!! it's good~
    Neo Blaze
    Neo Blaze
    I know about Kimba the White Lion! Apparently there was a whole upset about The Lion King being so similar back in the day and I can see why... The similarities are astounding. But The Lion King's creators keep claiming they are coincidental. Not that it matters to me, both can coexist if you ask me. I do mean to properly watch Kimba one day.
    Had a good 28th birthday today! It was just spent with close family due to covid-regulations but it was really nice :)

    I thanked everyone who wished me a happy birthday individually but really, thanks again. It really does mean a lot :bulbaLove:
    So I know you're from the Netherlands (I think, I could be remembering wrong). If so, do you know the theme park in Kaatsheuvel called the Efteling? I've been two or three times.
    I was attacked by a cat today while delivering mail. I've heard of mailman-hating dogs, but not of cats acting like that. It scratched my index finger as soon as I put a letter through the mailslot :confused: It hurt and I started bleeding pretty heavily but thankfully I was able to finish my shift without staining any mail with blood (at least I hope so...). I should really start bringing bandages with me just in case.

    Also, I was literally almost blown away delivering mail today :ROFLMAO: Strongest winds I've encountered in some time. At least no rain was involved thank goodness!
    Awkward moment of the day: I was sorting mail on the street (currently employed as a mailman) when I suddenly heard someone say "Hello!", so I cheerfully said hello back, and when I looked up I realized it was someone walking their dog but greeting their neighbor and it wasn't meant for me at all :bulbaFacepalm: Oops haha...
    Torchic W. Pip
    Torchic W. Pip
    That's happened to me so much lol. The other day, I was saying hi to someone's dog in a cutesy "hello there~:bulbaLove:" voice, only for the guy walking the dog to say "hi", and I realized he probably thought I was talking to him...
    Neo Blaze
    Neo Blaze
    Yeah I've had this stuff before too. Once while sitting in the waiting room at the hair salon, I noticed someone who was getting a haircut waving in my direction, so without thinking about it I waved back... only to realize they were waving at a relative also sitting in the waiting room :confused: And the bad part is that I tend to randomly recall this stuff years later.

    But good to know I'm not the only one with awkward moments like that :LOL:
    I managed to get both Shiny doggos today and I love them :bulbaLove:
    Thanks to my friend @Darth Darkrai with helping me claim Zacian, since its code only works in Shield which I don't have
    Man, I think I've become addicted to the "The Kiffness" YouTube channel. For those who don't know, The Kiffness is a South African YouTuber who makes incredibly creative 2 to 3 minute songs from animal soundbites, the soundbites sometimes only being a few seconds long. But sometimes he also makes songs out of non-animal soundbites, such as the "One Pound Fish guy" from like 10 years ago, which has been stuck in my head all day.

    Just puts a smile on my face. Here's his latest song:

    So the Lego set I mentioned earlier this week that was on a bit of a delay finally arrived: it's the 6975 Alien Avenger (1997) from Lego's UFO theme. I always wanted to have this set because since childhood I've had a bit of an obsession with space (both real astronomy and science fiction) and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. I just think this set looks really awesome, and it also has some of the most detailed and interesting minifigures Lego has ever made.

    Now I already have my eye on 3 more old Lego sets with a space theme, but those will have to wait since I already bought too much for now :enzap: But hey at least my inner child is satisfied.
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