• Snowy arrives in Motostoke and signs up to participate in the Gym Challenge. Watch here as Snowy encounters some rather noisy individuals in a hotel lobby.
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  • What made U Start watching the show and was your Opinion Of The Original Trio did you think they were Funny or never a Fan of Them.
    You see how many Nicknames I give to the English Voice Actors Man. Even EmotionalIntellelange likes My Nickname for Tom Wayland and It is Tom The Hermit Crab Wayland because he Voices Dwebble and Crustle.
    Nice Page Man it looks really Great I think and Blaziken is your Favorite Pokemon because it is all over the Page.
    Thank you for the friendship request. That was nice of you to do. I hope that you're having a good day.
    Agreed. I love Ikue Ohtani's Pikachu. It's pretty much his character. They've kept Pikachu's voice the same in all 16 seasons and in all the series. She nails it for me! :D
    Same here. I wish I could've seen that, but it's never gonna happen. *sigh*

    I think Dawn would've sounded better, and Iris and Cilan would sound the same.
    Me too. I smiled hearing that again.

    Exactly! She seems a really down-to-Earth and humble person. She pretty much defines Ash for me, and I feel she loved her work tremendously. I hate, hate, hate that they replaced her and the others for no reason. It ate away at my conscience once I figured out what happened. It's a real shame.
    Thanks! XD.

    That means a lot. Veronica Taylor is actually my favorite voice actor for Ash. I felt she was perfect for the English dub, and everything went South big time when they dropped her and the others. :D

    Yup, I've seen that video. I love it. :3

    "Pikachu, I choose youuuuuuu!" :')
    Agreed. The OS is king for me, too. Favorite saga. :)

    Same here. I still love the games as much as I did when I was little. That's one part of my fandom I can't seem to shake, either. :D
    I'm surprisingly impressed with what I've seen of the XY series. I may, just maybe, will give it a few episodes.

    I do too. He's starting in Luminose City.

    Yeah, to tell you the truth, I'm expecting that. Funny enough, it no longer shocks me. I've accepting the anime is now a marketing tool. May not like it, but that's the reality in my eyes.
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