• Snowy finally gets an endorsement from the Champion to participate in the Gym Challenge. Watch here as he learns about Dynamaxing and chases after Hop.
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    REVIEW: New series: Initial thoughts

    Can we please stop complaining about each other's posting styles? It's getting tiresome. If you're so incredibly bothered by how someone chooses to formulate their arguments or posts, consider using the ignore button instead of snarkily complaining about it in a thread focused on the Pokémon...
  2. Neo Blaze

    Show us your Pokemon!

    My team: I have really loved this team and I'm currently training towards lvl. 100 as I have done with past teams. I will probably do a new team with the DLC's as I don't want to steamroll through with lvl. 100 Pokemon.
  3. Neo Blaze

    Uniform number

    I chose 93 because '93 is my year of birth.
  4. Neo Blaze

    PREVIEW: M23: Coco

    Ash's hat in this movie is the same as the one in M20 and M21. While no absolute confirmation, it strongly suggests this is the same Ash as the Ash in those movies. It's the only piece of clothing that has stayed consistent between the 3 designs and the only in-universe connection so far that...
  5. Neo Blaze

    PREVIEW: M23: Coco

    The new Pokémon Calyrex has an official bio that says: I wonder if this ability could somehow be tied in with Celebi, if both play any role in this movie to begin with (although I see Celebi as a 90% probability tbh).
  6. Neo Blaze

    PREVIEW: M23: Coco

    The shrine that appears in the trailer is the exact same one as in Celebi: Voice of the Forest: So there is a big chance this movie will (partially) focus on Celebi. Also, while Ash has the exact same jacket as his Pocket Monsters 2019 design, the rest of the outfit is pretty different. I'm...
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    SwSh Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    I'm fine with DLC in principle, although I do hope the content added will be worth the money. Does anyone know when the free Slowpoke add-on is going live today? Or where I can find it?
  8. Neo Blaze

    PREVIEW: SS012: Daimax Battle! Dande, The Greatest of Them All!!

    Also, I'm excited at the prospect of the World Championship! The idea that a world tournament exists where all of the region's Champions battle against each other has excited me since B2W2 and made me hopeful we might one day see something like it in the anime. Even if we end up seeing only the...
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    PREVIEW: SS011: Koharu, Wanpachi, and Sometimes Gangar Too

    Glad to see Koharu is getting more attention. It's quite an odd title though. Maybe it refers to Gengar being a trickster and being able to appear and disappear when it wants to.
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    PREVIEW: SS012: Daimax Battle! Dande, The Greatest of Them All!!

    Whoa Lance! That is actually pretty awesome. I hope we get to see the Red Gyarados again. If Leon is here, Hop can't be far off. I really hope he gets hinted at here, at least.
  11. Neo Blaze

    PREVIEW: SS010: The Kairyu Paradise and the Hakuryu Trial!

    The title could either refer to the Dragon Holy Land (maybe they stay in Johto after SS009) or another bait-and-switch. Probably the latter.
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    Changes/Additions you would make in an update to SwSh

    This may be a nitpick and not a really big issue (I think most of the glaring issues that need improvement have been perfectly described in this thread already), but I was pretty disappointed by not actually being able to ride the train. What was even the point of it apart from two identical...
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    REVIEW: M22: Mewtwo's Counterattack Evolution

    I just saw the movie and I enjoyed watching it actually. It didn't feel like wasting my time because even though it is mostly a clone of the original movie, it still felt fresh and exciting. I admit I was one of the people negatively taken aback by the new animation style, but I got used to it...
  14. Neo Blaze

    Reason why go’s scorbunny is weak

    I don't understand this reasoning either. Go and Scorbunny losing here makes perfect sense. Now, if Scorbunny had lost to a Caterpie or a Magikarp maybe you would have had a point. But as others have said a lot of factors come into play here and it makes a lot more sense that Scorbunny lost in...
  15. Neo Blaze

    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    They probably got them directly (on loan?) from Giovanni as in another picture from this episode they can be seen bowing down to the boss. Although I somehow doubt they will keep them for very long... Also, it bugs me that James isn't the one with Gyarados :(