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  • Hi! I heard that you like slice of life anime and I'm wondering, have you ever watched/heard of the Aria series?
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    I love slice of life. I don't think I have seen Aria. Is it any good? What's it about?
    Well, I'm not good at describing stuff so I guess I'll link its MAL page. it's great and is one of my favourite anime. Curiously, what would be your favourites?
    If you can't believe in yourself, believe in the me that believes in you.
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    I haven't. I wanna see it. I used to watch all my anime on YouTube. Now, I have to use other sites since YT keeps taking everything off.

    Is it a newer series?
    It's from 1997 and got an official English release 10 or so years later. There was an English dub but sadly it only covers the first half of the series since it didn't sell well back then. Veronica Taylor voiced one of the main characters.

    I don't know if I'm allowed to link to full episodes on Youtube but do a search for it and you should get a playlist with all the episodes.
    I totally forgot about this conversation. I'll look th at up today.
    I saw you mention that you like slice of life anime, have you ever seen Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars? It's a sci-fi slice of life show with a great story, best anime no one's ever seen IMO.
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    No, but I'll definitely check it out. Is it on Hulu or Crunchyroll? If not, I know other places to look for Tim haha. Have you seen ReLife?
    It's on Crunchyroll.

    Haven't seen ReLife, actually I've seen barely any slice of life anime. Shingu is great though!
    Hello, fellow Sailor Moon fan. :) How're you liking Sailor Moon Crystal so far? I can't wait for the fourth season.
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    It's so much more natural, and they found voices that are more similar to the original Japanese seiyuu. Yeah I realize that when I watch it in English, I catch a lot of things that I usually miss.

    They really had no development in the first season. The girls seemed obsessed with Usagi and apparently, she was the reason they lived and smiled. For the first time, I considered Usagi a Mary Sue and the writers/directors had her OOC also.

    Lol I kinda like their pointy faces in the Infinity arc. Haha... I do think the original anime made them their cutest though. The new anime design looks like it should come out of Clamp. Haha... which isn't a bad thing. I like CCS and many of their other shows.
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    It sounds like everyone gets to keep their original names in the new dub? No more "Rini" and "Serena."

    There were moments in the original SM, like the SM R movie, where the inner Senshi are all going on about how Usagi basically validates their lives, but there it was much more relatable and kind of sweet. You got some pathos behind why they felt that way, but I don't think you ever got that in Crystal.

    Oh yeah, Clamp, I only ever watched the entirety of Chobits.

    Was inspired to listen to some of the original SM soundtrack... God, so much elevator music, haha!
    Yup all the original Japanese names are kept. The only name that wasn't put in this version was "Shabon Spray" in which they kept the original English translation of "Bubble Spray."

    Another clip from the dub: https://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=GTpZRUyZfxU

    Yeah in the R movie, it was understandable and beautifully done. They'd known each other for some time. From the beginning to the end of the movie, they felt like friends. In Crystal, it felt forced. Usage seemed selfishly stuck on Mamoru while the girls had a one-sided friendship.

    Ah really? You might like Card Captor Sakura or Magic knight Rayearth.

    Love their OST. I especially love the Outers theme.
    I always wandered why writers never follow tradition asnd strategy other popular anime out there do, such as Inazuma Eleven Go, One Piece, Ben 10, Monsuno, older versions like Sailor Moon etc. They either dont replace cast adding new ones to shake things up while allowing people to continue enjoying in already existing characters keeping them fresh and interesting or replace older ones bit dont forget about them. Bringing them back for special prolonged arcs or even rejoining main cast to influence current pllot, help move it fiorward throzugh expertioze and knowledge attained diring absence while experiencing firther development of ther own dreams and stories making it feel like all hard weork, effort and struggles will pay of in end bringing them closer toward fulfillment of their own dreams and desires.
    It would allow us to see characters we grew to like in action, updated, learn new things and upgrade pokemon teams growing stronger as persons and trainers. Which sounds more interesting than letting them abandoned in past forgotten.

    I know for fact how this approach would make many people happy and more excited for pokemon series increasing ratings. Unlike its case now killing people joy when they erase continuity abandoning ex companions and go through repetitive, predictable cycle. :eek:
    Sorry for belated reply, i got caught in all this rush hour before Christmas preparing for holidays. Its my favorite time of year liking peacefiul and warm atmosphere, blessing and love you can feel in the air when family gathers together. Its hard to describe it, but during Christmas im able to forget about all problems and adversity for moment relaxing and enjoying in company iof my family and friends. Now if only it could snow abit evioking fully spirit of Christmas.

    Speaking of Misty coming back, your not alone because i would definitely be interfested in how she would interact with Serena. They are very different, but like saying goes opposites do attract hahaha. Serena seem very shy, reserved and kind, while Misty in general seem more straightforward, hotheaded, sarcastic and adventurous as character liking to take initiative in taking care of things.
    I could see those two having some girl talks, sharing experinces over knowing Ash and Serena interest in fashion and appearance annoying Misty in some way getting on her nerves in that aspect like its case with sisters.Hey Misty was pretty riled up yelling at Daisy and others quite a few timnes in chronicles. And in her first cameo Ash managed to annoy her right of the bat, although not nearly as much like Hanson(she went berserk when he stole Togepi lol).
    But damn i would love to see how much she changed in meantime as person and trainer, what new pokemon she may have, did she improved in her dreams of becoming best water trainer and whatever changes might have affected her on physical and psychological base.
    In my opinion it would be fair if Misty could return for at least a season per say with length of Orange Islands or Battle Frontier. It would be intriguing to find out more about her past(like parents, why she fears bugs, what motivated her in liking water types etc),to see her goal of water master expanded on and be taken in new/fresh directions. One of her ambitions was also to meet and if possible catch legendary water type, and manga did great job with it having Misty bond with Suicune who choose her as partner. There is so much potential to do more with Misty if she ever becomes main its not even funny.By end of saga i think it would be cool if she ended up as Wallace or Lorelei apprentice training to become stronger, ranking up as trainer. Misty story was left unfinisshed and uncleared as far as her future and goals go like water master career given circumstances under which she left and filled in for sisters.

    She definitely knew how to extract from Ash many of his top qualities like bratty and impulsive side leading to various spats and humor. But also in invoking his trainer qualities like devotedness and unselfish side in working with his pokemon in best way as he can serving as motivation, push through which he could go forward. Even in her cameos in Hoenn through sassy and joking demeanor sge lifted up atmosphere awakening some of Ash umpulsive side, while keeping Brock in line through style(that scene of throwing him away from priness Sarah never gets old to me accompanied with sarcastic remark doing it much better than Max).
    Im sorry to hear that, because this happened to me several times too. I used to found add for job application needing new workers just to get played out with notice turning out to be false, or someone else getting this job through contact thx to his father or cousin being friends with employer. Completely ignoring vacancy bypassing rules. Sop much about fair game.

    Don't lose hope my friend though, im sure you will find good, well payed and fitting job eventually. Just keep on trying and don't lose optimism in better tomorrow(i know it sounds awfully corny lol).

    Aww your sisters is going to birth, and you will become its uncle(sorry i got lost in family relationships)? Thats so sweet, im glad to hear that. Wishing all the best to upcoming child and you and your sister.

    About writers disrespect toward past and continuity i keep wandering if writers are evenaware how damaging and bad this is for quality of storyline, series appeal and reputation only turning people awayy with their actions. They made us grew attached to character, finding ways to relate to them in somer ways and root, feel sorry for him when going through good, bad times wanting to see him succeed and continue enjoying in lively personality, fun quirks and enjoyable dynamic he, she brings. Just to see them replaced unfinished with unresolved stories never to be seen again , like they never mattered, had strong bond with Ash and their own dreams which desrrve to be explored and finished upon.
    There are ton of interesting already existing characters and why not use them for change doing continuation to their stories and bringing new life to them through so many new directions and ideas through which writers could explore on their mpersonalities, pokemon and dreams. Instead of just adding one after another ending unexplored and unused to full power like his predecessors.
    Hi i hope my respionse and in general how i feel about directioon in which anime is taken hasn't offended you or anything.
    I know how not everyone is going to feel same way and perhaps i should have kept my mouth shout, so my apologies for bothering you with unnecessary and silly details.

    p.s. Since i donpt want to come in Amourshipping thread and post just to comment on this misconception ill just say this regarding Serena chance to stay past 6th gen using Misty as example.
    Reason why Misty stayed for Johto wasn't because writers had no one to replace her with. But because originally going by ex head writer Takleshi Shudo blčogs creators intended to keep Ash, Misty and Brock as permanent traveling group treating pokemon in similar mannmer like One Piece or Naruto which has one consistent cast and story they follow which builds on itself. That was partially reason behind Brock coming back after Orange hiatus as well.

    Idea of replacing characters to better go in correlation with promotion of games wasn't even considered until middle of Johto when fad and ratings started to drop with producers deciding to shake things up and start replacing cast.
    Which had mixed results bringing new viewers, but also making them lose good portion of older ones if backlash after original trio disband was something to take in account.
    Aside from that im still following pokemon and like new cast(Clemont is my favoroite for now of new bunch), but at same time it greatly saddens me how disrespectful and uncaring writers are toward series history, previous characters like they never mattered, had strong bond with Ash and had their own dreams, interests and various characteristics which added appeal to anime helpingh it to grow forward in first place. Fact how Misty hasn't appeared since 2005 in flesh despite having ton of unfinished things and ways to go forward with her water master career, a,mbitiond to live up tio Lorelei, her past and insecurities which she didnt overcome(before some would say unfinished business with Ash too, but pokeshipping is dying with most abandoning and joining amourshipping, ), how Tracey was ignored for two time in a row when Ash came back home, May disappearing fromplanet ever since WAllace Cuip etc. is their messsge along the lines screw, continuity, coherent and well told story which keeps ties with past adding more subsdtance to it and pays respect to abandoned companions with unfinished stories and potential to bring more.

    Greatly destroying this show reputation and stpry given way its structure and continuity is treated.

    Of course im too attached to pokemon as part of my childhood to let it go sticking with it until it ends, but still actions from those which run this anime disappoints me. XY series are good being light nin dark tunnel which keeps me hoping how things will get better , but looking at bigger picture things declined severely with everything being abandoned and messed up. Of course this is just how i feel, my opinion.
    Forgot you? Never, donpt be silly. There are far too many great memories, fun talks and team debagtes we had together about things in pokemon like Misty(i still remember your arguing with Scott and Hellion way back when Cascada was still around(his thread about reunion of original trio and was Misty Ash rival were legendary for amount of heat and talk they generated).

    It sucks that you got banned, and even worse is how we lost contact not hearing from you for years. But lets not open bad memories and focus on future and positivities life may bring.

    With me. Eh things could be better, but i wont complain. Im currently working in some market being temporary job. No luck in here over finding stable, secured occupation being enough that you consider yourself lucky if getting any work. Let alone in your profession.

    My brother went on student exchange in Spain studying currently English and Spain. He manage himself just well finding roomates and having great time, so im happy for him.
    My cousin finally got married with her long time boyfriend and few months ago i became uncle to their daughter(to me its niece) so you could say that marked positively this era of life as well.
    So that would pretty much round anmy major changes which happened in meantime in my life.
    Been a long, long time i heard from you. I thought you left this place forever, but im glad i was wrong. How have you been? How has life been treating you? Good, bad, decent?

    Pardon me for outflow of words, but i missed you. That is if you remember me anymore of course.

    If not, feel free to ignore this message.
    Oh we have a tough guy here huh....... *unsheathes my twin katanas* Well, let's see how tough you really are! *jumps into the air* TAAAAKE THIIIIIIIIIIIIS *spins around and slashes your face open* Not so tough now, huh????? *grabs you and throws you up* It's time to end this little charade *holds my katanas above my head* YOU ARE FINIIIIISHEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps upwards so that you get impaled on my swords* Heh.... easy.....
    Hello. Are you the one that give me friend request?
    I just wanted to ask for your reason of befriending me.
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