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  • Ffff it's okay. xD <33 /hugs/ I'm so happy that you're back~! I'll reply soon; currently working on schools stuff.
    Murrrr. So. Do you just want to start a new rp instead of continuing he one we had, or are you just off rps for the mo'? >o>;
    Hey, remember that RP we had a long while ago? With Sailor Moon, and Death Note guys, and some other dudes too? Do you remember the name? I want to see if I can find it again, just read through it.
    Oh, just so you know; demons' eyes turn red when they eat other demons. So when Nias says 'killed one of your kind' he really means 'ate one of them you weird cannibal'. xD
    So awesome! ;o; Moreeeee~! I really like all of the characters, even the evil ones, and the writing is just awesome. <3
    Well, lemme give you a short description: basically, angels and demons are kind of real. Of course, Nias is a 'demon'; but they're not really from Hell or Heaven. In reality, their dimensions are on top [heaven] and below [hell] ours, and they have the ability to jump to different dimensions for short periods of time [the higher up on the food chain they are, the longer they can stay in our own dimension]. Because of this, there has always been the threat of an all-out war for control of our own dimension between the angels and demons. I was thinking now would be a lovely time to start that war. <;
    Sure, I'd love to! What would I get to do? o:
    Eee, awesome! <: And I actually was going to, but I never got a link. xD Would you mind linking me to it? o: I'll be happy to read it if you do~!

    Hmm... really, we could do both! My writing style has changed a bit [and I'm a year older~!] so that might be a bit apparent in the old one, but other than that I'd love to continue it. As for a new one... I've been going over a big plot idea that I'd love to flesh out, if you're interested. c:
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