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  • hi NeoMiniTails! as promised, the first chapter of my fanfic (pokemon: Black and white world) is posted on the writer's workshop!

    if you have some spare time, please read it and comment too!
    Hey! <33 Oh man I missed you so much. ;o; School's good; I've got a ton of exams/english journals right now, but once they're done hopefully it'll thin out~ I don't really have breaks; it's more like I can go on vacation whenever. It's the freedom of homeschooling. xD

    Oh really? 8o Could you give me a link? c:
    Im doing good,yeah i can understand you.Im not as much into bulbagarden as i used to be either lol.
    Oh didnt know your Jehova,im catholic.Lol now i feel awkward for asking you about Christmas,though my plans are pretty much to be in warm surrounding of my friends and family.Its always nice when family gathers for holidays giving that nice feeling.Oh dont worry i have already planned what presents ill buy for everyone knowing more or less what they would wanted.

    p.s.Sorry i completely forgott about your fanfic,ill read it in next couple of dsys when i get some extra time sending my review.
    Just stopped by to say hi.Hope your doing well both in life and work.Who could tell,before you noticed whole year already passed with Christmas and holidays being on their way.

    Have any plans for it?I know little too early to ask but i can already say im planning to spend holidays with family.
    hello NeoMiniTails! i just came by to tell you that i'm not going to be able to enter the forums until 12/06, but good news is that when i come back i'm going to start publishing my fanfiction (Black and White World) in the writer's workshop! check it it's really cool!
    I don't know you keep applying this to AG. Most of those same people did not watch DP either, or Best Wishes.
    Have you ever read Takeshi Shudo's blogs? He basically stated that Misty was the least justified of all the shows original characters.

    And what, "anime history books," are you implying?
    You seem to be under the impression that Misty fans changed the direction of the series. You actually think Misty's departure wasn't well received? Since when were most Pokemon fans, Misty fans?

    Since when did Misty have a majority on the fandom?
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