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Recent content by NeoMiniTails

  1. NeoMiniTails

    Review JN040: VS Thunder! A Legendary Raid Battle!!

    I really enjoyed this episode. I watched it earlier today and found myself super excited for the Galar arc coming up.
  2. NeoMiniTails

    Why Ash's Primeape and Most of His Pokémon at Prof. Oak's Lab Were Cut in the Sun & Moon Series

    Because of time constraints... Showing all of them really wouldn't have made much sense. Also the show doesn't need to show every past character to show continuity.
  3. NeoMiniTails

    8 episodes in and nobody even likes it

    I personally think Pokemon 2019 makes sense from a character development perspective. Ash becoming a research fellow after living with two professors and helping with the ultrabeast situation just makes sense. It also seems that in the Pokemon World, many striving trainers turn to research at...
  4. NeoMiniTails

    8 episodes in and nobody even likes it

    For me, this reminds me of how I felt during the Advanced Generation. I was angry that Misty was gone and didn't really give the series a chance despite hearing some people say it was best but I stuck with those that were disdainful of the anime and of Haruka/May. Sometimes I would say, "This...
  5. NeoMiniTails

    8 episodes in and nobody even likes it

    "I like it; I love it. I want some mo' of it." I say in my Tim McGraw voice. I actually really enjoy the new series. I don't think its right to say "nobody" enjoys it. I like that the anime, movies, and games are not afraid to move in new directions. I can't say I agree with this thread.
  6. NeoMiniTails

    Something that bugs me about Go's team...

    In the game, I caught Butterfree before I even found Metapod and later, I had the daycare give me a Caterpie on Sword and Shield and before on another game... And I never evolved my Caterpie or Metapod. I never planned to. I just wanted to fill up my dex. Right now, Gou doesn't have an...
  7. NeoMiniTails

    Ash’s Galar design

    I actually like his new design to be honest.
  8. NeoMiniTails

    What is the most popular shipping right now?

    I don't think there is one to be honest. Unless people are shipping Satoshi and Gou... Everyone is kinda at a standstill... Amourshipping is at the same level as pearl and pokeshipping... Lots of hope but little to talk about.
  9. NeoMiniTails

    News The Official Pokemon Company Makes a Contemplation of Ash's League Loses

    I thought it was a great article. Lol... My nephews still don't know Ash won the league. They're in middle school and high school so if they happened to read this article, it may hype them up.
  10. NeoMiniTails

    What do you think of Ash's new design from Pokemon Sword and Shield anime?

    Well... Good news... In six hours, we'll find out if this was a legit leak of his new design for the next season.
  11. NeoMiniTails

    What do you think of Ash's new design from Pokemon Sword and Shield anime?

    Ash kinda wore shorts on M21 and Sun and Moon though these are the first official typical casual shorts... I like it.
  12. NeoMiniTails

    What do you think of Ash's new design from Pokemon Sword and Shield anime?

    I really like his new design. He looks more athletic and like this season, we'll see more of that crazy athletic side we'd seen in DP and XY. I also appreciate that he is a mix of Sun and Moon and XY in the physical characteristics seen. I'm interested in seeing how it'll look in motion. Also...
  13. NeoMiniTails

    New Pokémon anime series to be announced Sept. 29: To feature all regions

    What if we actually get the Sun and Moon cast to travel different regions and see them develop more along with past characters? That would be #awesome.