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  • I replied to your post on my profile, but BMG is weird and doesn't notify properly sometimes so I'm dropping the same thing here. =)

    I'm free all week man! I'm usually on Discord most of the time except from 8AM-12PM EST. (My timezone is GMT+8, so those translate to 8PM-12AM for me.) Best chance I'm online would be 10PM-4AM EST, though.
    Oh hey! Yeah, Thursday/Friday are going to be my best options. I'm going to say I'll be on all Thursday if that can work. If you can only do earlier, I'll do what I can to make myself available =D
    If I understand our timezones correctly, Thursday EST will be about Friday for me. I'll be free 8PM EST then.
    Just to confirm it's currently 12:36AM, Wednesday, for me.
    oh, sorry, I don't notice the notifications on this thing most the times. I'm thinking maybe Thursday if that's good with you?
    Sup Neon! What timezone are you in? I'm in GMT+8, for reference it is 1850hrs for me currently.

    I will be on today till about 0100hrs, and should be on for the most of tomorrrow from as early as 1000hrs to as late as 0000hrs. I might be out for a few hours in the late afternoon.
    Yeah, that's the problem with using a really good deck, always gets hit by the banlist cause everyone tries to use it, and it becomes too OP.
    Yo screw Nekroz. The only current overpowerful thing I touch is Shaddoll
    Well if I know anything it's that he who dominates childrens trading card games, dominates the world.
    Probably not for at least a couple of weeks. I am absolutely swamped with last minute work and finals until December 18th. I only really have time to pop-on and check forums. I promise I'll get online soon though.
    I'm really inactive in the URPG lately, I've been planning to dropping the Gym )): Though if you're really REALLY interested in the badge, I can deal with a forum battle, at least I have a stable internet connection here at uni :p (and that means I'm probs not here duing the holidays)
    Neonsands, if your desktop ever looks empty, then you should consider having Tsukishima to accompany you.

    Also, this happened because I was bored
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