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> You can call me Naya. I'm also known by Neosquid, Rainami, Exor, Squiddy, SS, etc
> I'm fabulous
> I have a lot of Pokemon plushies and figures, some number well over 150, as well as a smaller but still sizable amount of other merch
> I am an avid shiny huntress
> Favorite Pokemon is Sableye/Mega Sableye, I also really like Lurantis, Stunfisk, Hydreigon, Morpeko, Sharpedo /Mega Sharpedo, Impidimp, Gourgeist, Swalot, Wishiwashi, Snorunt, Faticate, Drifblim, Galarian Linoone, Starmie, Furret, Shiinotic, Mega Diancie, Chinchou, Lunatone, Pyukumuku, Dhelmise, Omastar, Masquerain, Alcremie, Guzzlord, etc
> Other video games and series I like include Zelda, Kirby, Mario, Touhou, Phoenix Wright, Pikmin, Xenoblade, Smash Bros, Monster Hatter, Metroid Prime, etc. If you wanna see what video games I've played, here
> I play competitive Pokemon kinda sorta
> Sometimes I watch anime, my favorite anime would be either Devil is a Part Timer or Hunter x Hunter. Angel Beats, Zombieland Saga, Psycho Pass and a few others are anime I am particularly fond of too. Here is a link to my MyAnimeList
> Some non-anime shows/movies I like include South Park, Steven Universe, Futurama, Rick and Morty, Stranger Things, Gravity Falls, Harry Potter, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Adventure Time, Shrek, etc
> My favorite fictional characters include Ghirahim, Lucifer/Hanzō Urushihara, Terezi Pyrope, Remilia Scarlet, Peridot, Magus, Fawful, Porky Minch, Vivian (Paper Mario TTYD), Butters Stotch, Petey Piranha, Satori Komeiji, Eric Cartman, Lily Hoshikawa, Steve Harrington, Luigi, Hisoka Morow, Francesca Prelati, Yuno Gasai, Orgalorg, Bowser Jr., Heropon Riki, etc
> If my fish puns bother you for some reason you might want to consider not being so easily bothered or somefin
> I like coffee
> I'm agnostic
> I struggle with a lot of mental issues, and often am lacking in self confidence
> I'm bisexual, probably
> I listen to video game music
> I hate Mountain Dew, house centipedes, gaining weight, Lucario, my dad, Kyle, horseradish, Dedenne, people who have nostalgia goggles permanently glued to their heads, people who betray me, tea, Klinklang, urbandictionary, Eevee, religion, Charizard, homophobes, transphobes, genderists, pedophiles, racists, etc.
> My favorite animals are squids (unsurprisingly), cuttlefish, cats, hamsters, scallops, sharks, etc

Claims: Sharpedo, Marnie, Nanu, Plumeria, Will-o-wisp, Magic Bounce, Hex Maniac (ORAS), Diancite, Flat Mat (secret base item), Lucifer/Hanzō Urushihara, Lily Hoshikawa, Yuno Gasai, Ghirahim, Remilia Scarlet

Avatar sauce: [unknown]
Feb 18, 1995 (Age: 24)
Scarlet Devil Mansion
Favorite Generation
Generation VII (3DS)
Favorite Generation 1 Pokémon
Omastar / Omstar
Favorite Generation 2 Pokémon
Furret / Ootachi
Favorite Generation 3 Pokémon
Sableye / Yamirami
Favorite Generation 4 Pokémon
Drifblim / Fuwaride
Favorite Generation 5 Pokémon
Stunfisk / Maggyo
Favorite Generation 6 Pokémon
Gourgeist / Pumpjin
Favorite Generation 7 Pokémon
Araquanid / Onishizukumo
Favorite Mega Evolution
Mega Sharpedo
Favorite Alolan Form
Alolan Raticate
Favorite Region
Favorite Gym Badge
Ecruteak City Fog Badge
Favorite Pokémon Type
Nintendo Network ID
Nintendo 2DS/3DS Friend Code
Who cares
PokéCommunity Username
Smogon Username



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