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  • Now I really want GF to add that as an official battle mode .w. It has a lot of potential. For them and for my bugs!
    Wall sylveon I bet then? :eek: I have the wall variant, a sweet and charming female called Sara. It took me a lot of time to get a perfect female with the hidden ability, if I was more into contests you can bet she was gonna wreck everything with her beauty :D Tho I want her to have a calm mind sister.
    Well both Glaceon abilities are dependant on weather so that can contribute to its position, and well hail is the less used weather. You are right, it has prety good defenses (dat HP tho! >.>). Do you think refrigerate will help glaceon? I mean as far as I remember there isn't a good normal move it can take advantage of (Hyper voice? Tho it has the same BP as ice beam)
    As long as you play with Smogon you don't have to worry about it tho :3 Unless Ubers ofc. So I don't pay much mind to it. And VGC isn't my strong point anyways.

    Nintendo EAD? o.o

    7.5/10! xD I was still wishing for the patch to acces it. There's three options. We get a patch, we get a thrid version with it, we get nothing xD

    Help me with? owo
    Heh a bet xD The show is on hiatus until septemeber tho. Arceus the torturte qwq

    Thanks ^^ I am loving the dancing penguins and the blast trio >w< So sweet of you c:
    Certainly. :p Really the only things I have issues breeding now are HP, and perfect 12.5% females. But those take a few days at worst.

    Yes. :p Though I guess my nonchalant attitude towards never recovering my passwords plays a huge factor.

    Really I think RNG is more than a simple service, it takes you more than a couple of minutes doesn't it? And I have read finding seeds can take a few hours.
    Also, I'm doing this Wonderlocke on my recently bought X. Not my Y(Where your Piplup came from)
    Problem is, Sealeo isn't doing that great. I've a few near-deaths with him and the Ice typing isn't really doing it any favors on the defensive side. Not to mention it's movepool, which is also a problem with Spiritomb since I only have Sucker Punch, Hypnosis-Eater, and Shadow Sneak on it.
    Ramos will be easily swept by Charmeleon, so there's that.
    As for Sealeo, it hasn't been doing too poorly so my opinion on it changed a little. But if something like a Water Type starter(Piplup please) came in, I might switch it for that. Probably not Lombre since Whimsicott is already Grass, and I like to keep my team from overlapping types when I do challenge runs.
    Alright, about to challenge Ramos soon.
    I've been keeping a log on my blog if you want to see, we're in pretty good shape(though I do wish for a decent water type)
    I was busy yesterday again, sorry about that.
    I'm ready now(unless wi-fi starts acting up again)
    I'm going to be gone tomorrow all day as well as Sunday so If we are not able to trade today then Monday is when I can get to you the earliest.
    I know, and it's sad xD About inverse battles, not only ice types but grass too, imo they even more. (Ice has more offensive use that it) They get a really strong force there, and makes the strongest types; steel and dragon really vulnerable. I used Lilligant a lot, with own tempo and.. Petal dance? I don't remember the english name right now. Such a shame about glaceon too, it's my favorite eeveelution. Do you use it?
    My main example is always Sableye, the ability (and well luckily a good movepool to make good use of it) helped it a good bunch. Who wasn't messed by a prankster sableye? xD Though even if it didn't get prankster the mega would have helped it.
    It does :eek: Scary if you ask me, tho chandelure isn't as fast and his HP doesn't help it much. And well what actually makes Shadow Tag M-Gengar scarier for me is being a Perish Trapper, it can take out virtually anything, even walls. Can't be poisoned and even if it can be burned (here chandelure has the upper hand :p) it won't hindered since it isn't an special attacker (tho it is really frail too). Now you got me comparing both .w. ; I will make a what-if some time :p

    Never went to at least watch the matches? Assuming you got the chance.

    What did we arrange for her tho? I forgot :eek: writes down stragedy :3 Hue hue hue~

    I know qwq I wanna think I improved tho, I mean now at least I have something to sponge attacks. Thank Arceus for Wish passers! It was my only option for certain pokes. Blastoise and empoleon can make use of Aqua ring, works as a leftover replacement. But well it takes a moveslot and you use a turn .w.
    OMG YOU WIN EVERYTHING!!!! <3333 So you watch it? :3 Or just know about the show?
    Don't kick yourself for it. We all have our moments. x) I do appreciate it, though it feels like trading in general has seen a decline if that makes sense? Because if a person truly wanted to they could breed their own Pokemon. Which is I guess why a lot of traders collect Pokeballs or events, because back in 5th gen not everyone knew how to RNG so that did make trading more of a must.

    I made it back in my highschool days when I barely used the internet. xD Aside from that I had to change the passwords constantly and I had no idea what I liked 5 or more years ago. I changed a lot since then personality wise.

    RNG'd things are always welcomed. xD Though really I'm never that picky anyways. :p
    Oh wow. o.o That sounds scary. Yea I did notice that. So I took to breeding the hard way in 5th gen. xD

    It uses my old email which I forgot the password for that too. xD

    And yay luckily I caught you! My mom had my laptop earlier so I couldn't be on.
    I can only imagine. I mean I know softboiled is bad enough. xD And I wanted to learn to RNG myself, but my 3DS XL wasn't the ideal system to try on so I got headaches from trying. xD

    Funny thing is, I forgot my global link pass. xD

    Message me when you're on today. :)
    Yea I get what you mean by a wish Chansey being everywhere, that combo does seem rather deadly. xD And I actually did take a break that spanned months, I take small breaks whenever trading bores me. Since it can definitely be time consuming. So that's how, breaks. xD

    I like having extra destiny knots because I actually lose my own sometimes. I even released one, and doing contests is annoying.

    And I have Sally, so let me know when you're available.
    PU, it's under NU as far as I remember. GF should at least give more stats to some pokes, I mean they changed a few ones in gen VI, they even changed abilities for some pokés.. I guess they are too lazy to calculate. Really the idea just came to mind after breeding a corsola a few days ago. Not even the HA helped it much, both meganium and typholosion were shadowed by the likes of a Sheer Force Feraligatr. But I am not gonna lie, I was in the hype, it's the only poké I was actually interested in after the news. Gurdurr? Well I was talking generally between fighhting type pokés, but if we talk about tier yes, gurdurr.

    VGC is another level xD I have it hard to play doubles, tho I gotta admit it's way more fast and you need more stragedy for it. Maybe I should start to play more. At least in Showdown.
    I lost track of an user who had one a few months ago.. :/

    I am giving Sally to Dolce if you are okay with it, my trading schedule is really unstable and I don't wanna keep you waiting too long. OMG the first part specially is killed xD But seriously too many on the same screen means disaster, I am not sure how 8 people play Smash .w.

    Hah and you tell me XD After only using all-out attackers for the first play months of competitive playing in XY I learned how a single status spreader or wall can take out haf my team (well half ot the time my teams weren't really organized so it was easier to ohko or cripple them). Do you watch Catoon Network? :eek:
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