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Recent content by Netto Azure

  1. Netto Azure

    United States Politics

    My Expectations today:
  2. Netto Azure

    Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    Watched some Yamada and the Seven Witches. Love the manga, but rushed adaptation. Well anime adaptations are always like that.
  3. Netto Azure

    The Cloned Ash theory

    Perfection upon the highest form. Way better than that ridiculous alien hat theory
  4. Netto Azure

    Crisis in Ukraine (Pro-Russian uprisings in Ukraine, tensions mount)

    Re: Ukraine Protests ( President flees to Kharkiv ) It's a very tenuous situation. This is at Russia's borders, while even though they are no longer a world power, Russia can still exert a lot of regional influence on this. Dunno what could happen as the country is split between those that...
  5. Netto Azure

    What video games are you playing now?

    Bravely Default. I've pretty much just no lifed this game through this past week and level capped all the jobs, fought/stole items on all the asterisk bosses. But now I'm too lazy to reach the 999k Cap on Bravely Second. Could only reach 105k on normal buffs sadly.
  6. Netto Azure

    President Morsi overthrown in Egypt

    President Morsi overthrown in Egypt Well it's been 1 year...this is a problem with a new democracy, everyone goes to the streets right away. I dunno it's a really bad prescient if the first democratically elected government in decades is toppled through street protests rather than elections.
  7. Netto Azure

    Explosions at Boston Marathon ( Possible Terror Attack )

    Prayers to the families affected. Stay safe. This is just something...damn the stuff I wake up too. u-u Associated Press confirms that 2 more devices have been found near the Boston Marathon and are being dismantled. http://apne.ws/16YHZEP
  8. Netto Azure


    Oh of course the new Pope will be continuing the church orthodoxy. It took the church a thousand years to reach Vatican II and even now there's been a slight reaction to go back to previous traditions. A monolithic organization with a huge history tends to change at a glacial pace. Anyways I...
  9. Netto Azure

    Pope Benedict resigns.

    We need a new vision for the church. Sadly Pope John Paul II did a through job in making sure the top hierchy of the church would be socially conservative so the choices will continue to have the same direction as the current one.
  10. Netto Azure

    Palestinians win upgraded UN status by wide margin

    Palestinians win upgraded UN status by wide margin President Mahmoud Abbas: "The international community now stands before the last chance to save the two state solution" Congratulations and such. Now Palestine is an internationally recognized state on par with Vatican City. Please...
  11. Netto Azure

    *Tag* You're it V2 (Begone Foul Spirit! Plague this thread no longer!!)

    Re: *Tag* You're it V2 I played it. To me Devil Survivor 2 had better Character Development than Devil Survivor, while the First one had a better story. twinArmageddons Thoughts on Pokemon B/W 2?
  12. Netto Azure

    Rate the Avatar Above You [v2]