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  • Hey, Aeroga! Still need that Torkoal, Wailmer, Numel, and/or Makuhita? I can trade you any or all of those, with Pokerus if needed, in exchange for some Leaf Stones. You okay with that?
    Stan was so hilariously awesome. I can't imagine how somebody could dress up as him, though. ^_^

    MADRID! That's what it's called... I can't believe I forgot that. The battle music was very distinctive, and the regular music when you're running around the field early on.

    The way the narrator calls out how unnoticeable Ari is always amused me. Even the narrator. And the way his parents just are like, "Yeah, take our son, whatever. Just make sure our daughter doesn't talk in pig Latin anymore."
    Yeah, it seems to be an obscure title in general. One time I was on Gameinfomer's website, and somebody's profile had a huge fanart picture of the cast of Okage. I was in shock to see that. :D

    That one town with the Sewer King in particular had a great song, if I remember correctly.
    Seeing somebody mention Okage: Shadow King really surprised me! I've never actually finished the game, but it does have a charming art direction and music style.
    I can't remember his name, but the boss where you're meant to use Dragoons was horrible. Couldn't kill him for days.
    I was good, never really played VI though, but I heard it was good? I might get V for DS, can't decide. I'd say III is my favourite, it was my first :) The bosses were a nightmare though :/
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