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  • Hey, nice to see you as well. I enjoyed my vacation to Amsterdam. A great place to visit ;). How's your holidays been? Going anywhere?
    I'm single at the moment. Juggling work, friends and a girlfriend is a lot of trouble so I prefer to not have one right now.
    I have a day off tomorrow but it will be rainy then so it won't be of much use either :/
    Still as busy as ever man. We have some great weather out here right now, so I sure hope I can get make some time to go to the beach soon.
    Well I'm honoured to be the first, there are many of us in the world (and no don't worry, you can't catch 'gay' haha)

    Awww, hang in, it'll happen when it does. Guess you could make it more special if you wait also.

    Not really - again depends unfortunately on what type of person you are, what type of people others are and what kind of area you're in. You can have popular gays and then obviously gays that are bullied severely; living in a bad area further excacerbates problems and can foster them in many cases.
    See your sentence didn't make perfect sense to me haha. But yeah it's mostly fine haha.

    Yeah let's move on from that. No I don't, I'm gay :) What about yourself?
    See that confused me haha, so I'm guessing by what you've wrote that because you got 6/10, you still need another year before it becomes 4/10 - hence the lower the score the better (or errors out of 10 or something)?

    It's good for a second language, I hope you don't take that as a criticism. I just want to help you. I'm envious as I don't even speak another language so you've got one up on me - and my grasp of the English language is nowhere near perfect or complete in any way.
    Oh it was a birthday present, the things we ask for when we're young.

    Also, I hope this does not come off patronising in anyway, especially as you're only 14 and Vietnamese. Your grasp of English is decent, but I noticed you type with some difficulty in past tense verbs (and other things but little steps). I'm just here to help you so maybe try looking at this. Past Tense Verbs

    Talented indeed haha!

    Not specifically, I mean there are a couple routes I can always take such as working in NGOs, or Investment Banking etc.
    All right, thank you for informing me. Next time you see a situation like that make sure to report it properly unless you already had.
    Any reason you sold it - did the cats and the dog not get along?

    I don't unfortunately, never really invested much time into them. I was a runner in high school and did a bit of cross country, but that's all a couple years ago. Do you play any instruments or sports?
    Not too young, I was 14 too - admittedly 5 years ago which makes me feel old as that's almost a quarter of my life.

    No I don't haha, do you?
    Sure. :)

    When a user signed up, they can opt to list another user they know on the site who told them to come to us. Then the person they listed gets a PM just saying thank you for the referral.
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