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  • Well, I read, play basketball here and there, hang out with friends, and I collect video games to a certain extent. When I'm in school I have less time for those things haha. What about you, man? :)
    Still single. I'm old, but not all that old. I've got a girlfriend that I've had for about 3 years now, but no marriage proposals just yet. The relationship is serious, though. We just attended our first Star Trek convention together, which was a lot of fun.
    I met George Takei! :D
    I don't have a summer vacation, unfortunately I can't afford to take off from work for 2.5 months of the year.
    That said, my job is pretty lax at times, depending on the work load, so I really can't complain too badly.

    I tend to forget just how young a lot of the people around here are and how old I am in comparison. Bleh...
    Not too bad. I've had some free time since stepping down as clone leader, so I've actually gotten some sleep and been able to do other things. I've mostly been hanging out in the War Room playing a mafia game. I wasn't going to, but it's a better outlet for my competitive side than F&G is...

    What's new?
    The no ping ponging rule is one a lot of people don't know about the first time. I myself didn't understand until someone explained it to me.
    We're all fairly relaxed here, though, so don't worry too much about it.

    Also, welcome to bmgf, the F&G forums, and the Up vs Down threads! Might I say, you have magnificent taste.
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