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  • Ah, ok. Niall is also a character from a book series I read, but then I looked it up, and realized it's one of the best names you could have in a Pokemon RPG... did you know it means Champion?
    it's claws bigger, and also alter other mons colour and personality. careful. rico starts rampiaging with druddigon. Nathan jumps off building and dies. Cindy dies too. rico stops altering everyone, but he is quite...evil. lobo gives mia and jett altered mon too, just in case rico trys altering them again. you have no idea what lobo plans. time passes on. midnight. there is a party in the vifargent common room. DON'T TELL THE TEACHERS.
    mmm... he is brought back to school by a man named lobo vellian, an old friend of dukes. he is punished, and lobo is made science teacher for year 2 students so he could watch nathan. time passed on. yuko mame, yuki's twin bro comes to school. after a few hours, he practically abuses kayumi. jake kicks yuko's ass, kayumi is sad. time passed on. yuko beats up yuki for telling jake what he was doing to kayumi. Dono to the rescue. it is revealed that yuko had been drinking. mr smith leaves the school to become an elite 4, a new teacher called chronis, a friend of lobos, comes. time passes on. yuko trys setting fire to the school. FAIL. Dono's spirit seperates from his body. everyone thinks he is dead. he is not. he comes back into his body. people seem to be a bit psicic. nathan is doubting the value of life. lobo gives rico a druddigon that has inverted colours and a violent personality. it knows how to make
    ok, we are in november now, my second character is now Jett's boyfriend, many are looking for xmas gifts, a few new students have joined, Mila's froslass evolved and Donovan is going nuts
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