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Recent content by NiallC

  1. NiallC

    Charizard's return to the anime. For or against?

    I wouldn't be bothered if Ash thought "Yeah I need to get some of my stronger, more experienced Pokemon back" then he could have sent all his Pokemon to Oak apart from Pikachu and Krookodile and brought back Charizard, Snorlax, Sceptile and Gliscor or something... The only reason Charizard...
  2. NiallC

    TEEN: Prestige (13+)

    Chapter 4 I woke up, confused by the blur of green I encountered which was different to the blue walls I had back home. Focusing on the lamp at the foot of my bed the grogginess soon started to disappear and I sat up, pausing for a moment after my head started to spin – the result of sitting...
  3. NiallC

    TEEN: Prestige (13+)

    Re: Prestige Chapter 3 Silence. We said our hellos and then silence. Marcus and I looked at each other waiting for Mikey to say something but he didn’t he just faced forward. The girl was doing similar but nodding her head back and forth as well, after an inspection of her due to her strange...
  4. NiallC

    TEEN: Prestige (13+)

    Re: Prestige Thanks I'm glad you're enjoying it. Alot more personality has come out in the next chapter so far I'm quite happy with it and a lot less blocks of text. I had tried to find places where I could seperate blocks of texts up but a lot of this chapter is made up of descriptions and I...
  5. NiallC

    COMPLETE: Pokemon Academy Year II: Second Year Rhapsody

    Love reading this as much as Dragons Roar, gets better and better each time :D
  6. NiallC

    TEEN: Prestige (13+)

    Re: Prestige Oops, sorry about the length of this I put a bit too much in and cut out as much as I could so this is what is left. Only one bit of foreshadowing for the plot so far but hopefully should get a few bits in the next chapter. Chapter 2 Rustboro City was huge; I hadn’t noticed...
  7. NiallC

    TEEN: Prestige (13+)

    Re: Prestige Yeah thanks I had wrote a quick note at the beginning saying I was struggling with the tenses but I didn't want to seem vain so removed it and tried to sort as many problems as I could find, obviously I didn't get them all haha. And I like description so you'll see a lot of it in...
  8. NiallC

    TEEN: Prestige (13+)

    Just a quick note this is just to give an idea of what the story will be about. I'd love to hear criticism, negative or positive I'm not bothered by it. Prologue The hall was eerily quiet whilst my heart sounded loud enough to echo round. I was confident; this exam seems extremely easy but...
  9. NiallC

    TEEN: The Hoenn Adventures of a Boy Named Asher

    I agree that sometimes there should be more detail but it will get better in time but maybe stick in a few more adjectives for things instead of saying "to the west there was the sea" put "to the west I could see the turqoise ocean glistening beautifully" or something like that. As others...
  10. NiallC

    Will we ever have a mono-type trainer on the cast again?

    I think the best possibility of it happening would be if the person was considering taking over the gym from their parents. Misty was already the gym leader so had to stick to water types where as someone who was only considering taking over the gym could catch one or two other type pokemon just...
  11. NiallC

    Favourite Series So Far?

    I liked AG best, obviously there were more Pokemon and Hoenn was such a lovely region. With both May and Max brought in it was a pleasant change and Brock got a lot of credit when he rejoined which he hasn't really got anywhere else. They also handled Pokemon distribution a lot better and the...
  12. NiallC

    What was your first Pokémon?

    Mudkip on Sapphire. The first Pokemon I captured was a Ralts and I was very annoyed when Wally caught one as well, especially at a higher level.
  13. NiallC

    How do you feel about Ash/Satoshi capturing so many Pokemon?

    Re: How do you feel about Ash capturing so many Pokemon? As someone mentioned the little kid inside of me is so excited to see all the captures but just disappointed at how poorly they've been handled. I think this is why I feel Hoenn handled pokemon amongst the main cast best, the starters...
  14. NiallC

    What are your expectations for the Isshu League?

    I think there will be more emphasis on the league this time as there are no contests to work around so if they make it as long as the DP then they can concentrate a lot more on the League. With the Don Battle they've added a few more possible rivals added to Trip, Bianca, Langley and Burgundy...
  15. NiallC

    TEEN: Generic Journey Story

    "Beedrill, use Twineedle now!" The large bee Pokemon dived forward with it's two needle-like arms together ahead of it which increased the speed due to the stream-lined like demeaner. It's trainer stood behind it watching with aggression to make sure Beedrill succeeded, the defeat of his Drowzee...