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  • Hey Nick! How's it going buddy? I'm glad to hear that you're doing really well at receiving a bunch of radio and TV signals from far away places. You're so smart with that kind of stuff, I'm really impressed. I sincerely hope that all this knowledge helps you later on in life. You're so smart in a lot of electronics gizmos, you really have so much potential. ^_^ How's playing the recorder coming along? Are you enjoying it? I hope it all goes well for you because you deserve nothing less. ^_^

    Talk to you later buddy!

    Your best friend forever, Tommy
    Will you battle me?

    Devin / 4425-7024-4362

    And let me guess: your trainer name's nickstr?
    Hi Nick! ^_^

    I thought I'd come by and leave you a visitor message on your profile. Thanks for always being such a great friend to me!! Not to mention you still manage to surprise me with a lot of cool tidbits about computers and radios as well. I think you're a really cool guy. ^_^ I definitely hope you keep it up and never give up! I think you could do a lot of awesome things with your knowledge and who knows, maybe someday you could invent something totally new and different using your tech skills. Also since we're friends, anytime you need to talk to someone whether you're depressed or something, I'll always be there for you. If I'm not in the chat, you can always PM me or if you want, send me a PM and I'll even give you my email address so we can keep in touch and I only do that for my closest friends. ^_^ I'm really glad to know you buddy! I'll talk to you later!
    Aww, anytime buddy! ^^

    You're learning how to use photoshop? That's awesome! Sure, I'd love a special Ash avatar! That's really a very kind offer! Thanks so much! =D

    Your buddy, Tommy ^^
    Hey nickstr!

    I just thought I'd come and say that it's always fun to have you in the chat. I'm glad we're friends! ^_^ Also, I'm really impressed with your knowledge about computers and electronics in general. You've taught me quite a few things! You're awesome! Never change buddy and I hope to continue seeing you in the chatroom! =D

    Your friend, Tommy ^^
    Good evening, sir. I have read your posts and I *attempted to* respect your opinion, but this time I have serious grievances with what you have said here:

    "I am really starting to think that the Pokemon writers are a bunch of pricks with their priorities in the wrong order. If they keep stuff like this up eventually, the Pokemon anime will have to be canceled due to lack of interest because their fans have quit watching for the most part. They are close to this happening too if the ratings are anything to go by. I checked Pokeani's ratings for the Japanese version of Pokemon and the Shinoh average is down to 7.4% vs the 12 to 15% they had between 1997 and 2002. If the ratings have dropped then something is obviously wrong because people who are happy will keep watching and those who are not will stop watching."

    Have you perhaps considered that maybe Pokemon isn't quite the fad it used to be? Do you honestly expect a long-running series to keep ratings consistent for so long? If that is the case, please lower your expectations. This is lying with statistics.

    Heh heh, the first sentence is such a great example of dramatic irony.
    Hi nickstr!

    I thought I'd drop in and say hello! ^_^ It's always great to see you in the chat!
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