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  • That can work too. But even still, it's getting so complicated with all the new technology they have. I'd rather use my good ol' Windows 98 or 2000 operating systems. They did what I wanted and didn't require a three million dollar PC to run on.
    They sure can be. That's sorta why I want to get out of that business though. Everything is upgrade this and clean that and then watching computers while they do their thing is about as exciting as watching paint dry. I dunno. I guess since I lost weight I'd rather move around than sit all day working on those things.
    I did a few jobs in the past few days that related to a piece of Malware called System Tool.
    That's good to hear. It's good when things work out the way they're suppose to. Now if only that held true for me...
    Yeah, it was. I'm surprised all of it is stable. Now my next project is seeing if I can get Windows Media Center for Windows 7 working on here.
    That's what I don't understand. Windows MM 2.6 is designed for Vista too but thanks to blackwingcat's API dll wrappers, it makes certain things possible. Unfortunately, you need to rely on tooltips in WMM because none of the icons show up except for player icons but it's completely functional which is all I ask.
    On Windows 2000, I successfully got Windows Movie Maker 2.6 and Windows Media Player 10 installed and running perfectly. I can also play the Vista card games on here too. Cool, huh?
    it is not meant like that lol it is not being an enemy or heavy competitions it is like in the anime a fun rivalry where when you meet you try to beat your rival and if not accept it and try to improve lol
    my mistake lol but i hope you get what i was trying to get across, you are my new rival and i expect high things from you lol you can keep the team but make another team just for me
    i never cared about that. when my pokemon go to evolve i dont stop them because in real life they would evolve to protect the trainer and you would love them either way
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