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  • Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicole, did Kurt tell you what I said like a good boy?
    It sucks when life interferes with playing Pokemon doesn't it?

    And I'm good, dreading this week cause it's test week but I'm trying to do my best so that I'm not taken by surprise xD

    What job is it?
    It's alright, I have not started yet either due to my own exam/uni issues. I ahve said November 3rd but due to the lack of judging response so far we may need to extend that slightly.
    if you say so. yeah i got it but i'm not enjoying it as much as everyone else is but that may just be my mood. i do like that they fixed the evolution animation I hated the animation in BW.
    Oh wow, thank you! Yeah same, it seems the anime gets much more attention. I feel bad for the fans of the other Pokemon manga, they are even less, er, there.
    That's what I try to tell my mom D; plus you don't know how many people were talking about X/Y at my college last week, even though before that I hadn't heard a single thing about it xD but yeah it sucks when something you liked is looked down at as something for kids, the same thing happens with anime which honestly still bothers me...actually the way some people think of anime is funny, they think it's for kids stuff then when they see it's not for kids stuff they just think it's crazy so...it's just confusing.

    Doesn't help that yesterday my dad was talking about how I gotta start thinking about my future more and that I should stop worrying about kid things and that when I graduate I can't worry about having fun or whatever...it just annoyed me.

    Thank you xD but for one I don't have my own 3DS and actually Nina ended up buying both X and Y, she says she'll save Y for me.
    Yeah I do feel left out as a matter of fact xD nina's trying to help but telling me about her game and letting me help with her team but it's not the same in the end.

    No, I'm such a fan of 6th gen that that's why I feel so bad D; I like the gameplay, I like the new form the game has taken, I like the Pokemon and the characters and all of the new things that were added...I wanted to play this so much since I missed gen V already but I can't cause according to my parents I'm too old for this shit which is complete bull.
    I don't have XY and I'm not gonna get it now leave me alone D;;;;; *runs off and cries in despair* I have no 3DS and even if I did I don't have th emoney to buy it and my parents wouldn't buy it either ;-;
    Hm, my favorites have to be Ruby, Blue, White, or Rakutsu. Also from what X looks like (He looks kinda vain. A little bit like Ruby actually) I also think I'll like him. Yes. Red is a god. My avatar used to be him ripping his shirt off in the FRLG arcs. Yup. It was pretty awesome. So is PokeSpe, the characters are SO FUN to write. Yessss
    I'm glad to see you are feeling better. :) I've been a little down recently, I enjoyed battling with you but to be honest I've kind of lost my love for video games and pokemon lately. Maybe when X and Y come out i'll feel differently
    Really I thought he decided on Y? That boy needs to make up his mind. Ahaha. And whatcha mean by phone number? I technically still don't have a phone... I really use my iPod for all means of communication. Hell it's equipped with iMessages, Voxer, MagicJack, and Line just for talking with people. P:

    Eevee seems unlikely at this point, so really I'd go Pikachu. Or just get a regular 3DS and buy a custom case like I do. Ahaha.

    Sweetheart huh? Nicole are you trying to be the one who teases me this time around? Cause I will admit, it worked. And OMG DO IT. ELLERY IS A JERK AND NEVER FINISHED THE SERIES, BUT I ASSURE YOU IT IS A TERRIFIC READ AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN PROUDER OF OWNING A MANGA SERIES. ALL MY FEELS. Also I make all our themes, so this one is for Halloween ahaha.

    And while I do admit it's a nice signature sorry to go all moderator on you but it needs to be 160 px in height Nikki. ;c
    Edit: Eheh, that's perfect! :D
    Well I'm always on around this hour xD such as right now.

    I'm not that smart xD but I actually got an 11 out of 20 which turned to grades in the US would be....C+ there were a lot of stupid mistakes that got my grade down :c

    I can understand your fear of planes, I'm afraid of them too xD even after taking like 12 planes I'm still not fond of using them since..well they just scare me really. But it was pretty fun, we couldn't enjoy it completely though cause we went from country to country so we only spent a few days in each one.
    X my dear, cause all hail the rainbow stag! And whenever you want is fine with me, just swipe Kurtsy's phone or message me here for a battle. :p

    And Kurtsy told me he'd let you play on Darlene MKII no? :eek:
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