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Recent content by NightmareJellyfish

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    Hello I'm looking for a female DW cacnea and a Darkrai if you have them.
  2. N

    Looking for 6 various Pokemon

    Do either of you have a DW female cacnea you could trade me?
  3. N

    The Vending Machine!

    Out comes Lady Gaga *inserts fire*
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    How are you feeling today?

    Hungry and Excited
  5. N

    favorite flavor

    I voted for salty, mmmmm. I've never had much of a sweet tooth, even though I say this while knowing there is some just bought ice cream in my freezer. I never used to like spicy foods but have recently come to crave them. I'm hungry now.
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    Last thing you ate/drank before posting in this thread

    Water and and making french fries right now
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    Bang your____all over the keyboard and see what you get!

    kkjhgfdsertyuikjnbvcxsd6y Bang your hammer :dumb:
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    The Dream World- Official Discussion

    I can't wait until tomorrow when I can go back to the cafe where I've been accessing wifi. I've been looking forward to use Dreamworld for so long because of the unique pokemon abilities. I really like the concept of it.
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    What are you wearing right now?

    A tan tee shirt and jeans. :banana:
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    Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    Full Metal Alchamist Brotherhood, it was last saturday, and there is a new episode on tonight that I"m really excited about. :loopy:
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    The Dream World- Official Discussion

    I sent my Driftblim, Sloth, today. It was pretty interesting, I befriended a hopip.
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    The Most Annoying Pokemon to Encounter

    Bidoof, it's so lame, one of the worst pokemon
  13. N

    Your "YES!" moments

    When I finally got my dark pulse denio and evolved it into Hydrieon, I have it recorded on my phone.