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  • I recommend Jellicent, Excadrill and Scolipede. They are pretty good! :D

    I want to draw some Pokémon in Sugimori style, but I don't understand Photoshop at all. D:
    I really don't know. I used these 6 Pokémon during my playthrough:


    By the way, do you know how GIMP, Paint or Photoshop works?
    There are 8 badges in Pokemon Black and White:

    -The Trio Badge
    -The Basic Badge
    -The Beetle Badge
    -The Bolt Badge
    -The Quake Badge
    -The Jet Badge
    -The Icicle Badge
    -The Legend Badge
    Really? I love the new generation so far! I have to admit that some of the new Pokémon are a bit weird and strange, but the game mechanics are way better than they were in HG.
    hey i dont know if you remember me but when you get this i want to know if you could get me a zorua
    dont worry its not a spam or nothing just couldn't really figure where to but this in a thread here lol and its from another website
    Hello, I posted in your thread a few weeks back, I'm just wondering if you noticed it and whether you would like to arrange a trade? If you feel I'm been pushy by this I apologise I just didn't know whether you had seen it or not.

    Anyway, if you want to see what I have to offer you can find them here. If nothing there takes your interest I will try to russle up another offer.

    Oh, and I also have your giveaway prizes to trade you from weeks ago. :)
    hmm let's see the events i can offer are a UT Jirachi from Hoenn, UT MYSTRY Mew, UT FAL2010 Mew, Groudon from Hoenn and a UT Phione. The Shinies that i can offer are golem, mudkip, chimchar(nickname lorenzo), shellos, bronzor, lapras, ponyta, vaporeon, flareon, tauros, krabby, growlithe, rattata, raticate, mightyena, fearow, butterfree, weepingbell, rotom and also a shiny rayquaza from hoenn (i think it is legit but there is a chance it may be hacked just to warn you)
    oh thanks for letting me know. i'm not sure what to offer though but i have a few shinies and events. is there something you are looking for??
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