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Recent content by Nimfia

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    Ideas For New Pokemon

    I would like them to explore more Pokemon that live in the rainforests. Lemurs, genets, peccaries, macaws, pythons, even the creepy giant bugs. Not sure on types but they would definitely be interesting.
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    Favourite and least favourite Kalos Pokemon?

    My favorite is probably Sylveon. I love the Eeveelutions because they're cute and very cat/foxlike, and Sylveon is an interesting new type and has a very pretty palette and design. Fairy is definitely one of my favorite types and I use Sylveon on my team all the time. My least favorite is...
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    Mythical creatures not used in Pokemon

    I would really love a winged horse (Pegasus) evolution for Rapidash, since it needs one so badly. A griffin would be nice too, as well as a sphynx/manticore (though one could argue Absol is kind of sphynxlike).
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    Most hideous Pokemon?

    There are a lot of uglies but Seismotoad and the Binacle line are completely disgusting.
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    Do you enjoy the franchise a lot more now that you're older?

    Sadly no, I'm really close to giving up on the franchise altogether. I don't have the time to enjoy it as I do, and even then I just don't find it enjoyable. I don't like the direction it's headed and the fandom has also somewhat ruined it for me.
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    What was the last thing that made you angry?

    Re: What makes you angry? A LOT of things, but off the top of my head right now... - Guys who can't take a hint. Eww... - Pests. Bugs and rodents, especially spiders and roaches. I don't mind tame rodents though. - Bad drivers. There's no excuse for screwing around on the road, you're...
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    Is Will, of the Elite Four, gay?

    This thread is a bit ridiculous. No offense to OP, and I know your intentions weren't negative, but every character has a personality, their own quirks. What qualifies as "gay" or not can't be labeled just by that. He's a magician-an anime magician- of course he will be charismatic and...
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    What was the last thing you did before you went on the computer just now?

    Blow-dried and combed my hair.
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    Name It Game: want help naming your lonely boats?

    Thanks again for your help here! I really like all those ideas, thank you! :)
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    Pokemon That Would Make Cute Couples!

    Most Pokemon would look cute with any other Pokemon, I think c: Espeon X Umbreon is my main one, but I also like a few others, mostly Sylveon X Hydreigon, Bisharp X Gardevoir, Milotic X Gyarados, Meowth X Skitty, Escavalier X Lilligant, and Vulpix X Growlithe. But like I said, pair any...
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    What pokémon...

    I strongly dislike Barbaracle. I personally find it quite ugly, despite the fact I usually like humanoid Pokemon, and it really bothers me that people compare it to Cloyster, saying Cloyster is no longer useful and outclassed (one of my favorites, btw). I don't really like the Gen 5 dragon...
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    Things that you love that everyone else hates

    Horrific and gory films.
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    Most beautiful pokemon

    Pretty, elegant, cute, and beautiful kind of overlap for me. Ninetales I'd say is the most beautiful because it has all of these qualities, and it's been a favorite of mine since the first generation. I also think Dragonair, Lapras, Starmie, Milotic, Froslass, Altaria, Roserade, Lilligant...
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    Pokémon you like but everyone else hate?

    The Vanillite line, and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who likes them! They're among the cutest Pokemon designs ever. I like the Klink line too, I know it gets a lot of hate for "just being gears". I actually didn't like them that much until I saw them in the anime, they have such dopey...
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    What do you want most right now?

    For this nasty cold weather to let up!!