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I'm a casual Pokemon player, been off and on the series over the course of a couple of years. As of late, I've started up Ultra Sun and I like the game so far. Not bad. Otherwise I've played pretty much every game up to this one since Pokemon Diamond was released way back when.

What I do for fun nowadays is skate normally, occasionally draw and/or paint, meditate and garden. I'm also into making music. If you check out my homepage feel free to take a gander at my reposts and tracks on Soundcloud. Otherwise yeah not that much to tell about me.
May 15
United States
Favorite Generation
Generation IV (DS)
Favorite Pokémon Type
Favorite Region
Favorite Gym Badge
Oreburgh City Coal Badge
Nintendo 2DS/3DS Friend Code
Ask me!
Order Processor


Primarina ~ Clefable ~ Necrozma ~ Jolteon ~ Alakazam ~ Magmortar



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