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  • Joey might've had the most depth of any of the characters in the original, now that you mention it. Or at least, his character was less static, which made him kind of interesting. Was that fanfic tagged with any sort of warning label? Usually they are, but that might be a more recent distinction.

    To me, it's better than high school, since you get to focus more on classes and subjects you're actually interested in. The work load gets kind of hectic, but it seems like the actual atmosphere on campus is more relaxed, if that makes sense. And if you can get your schedule to give you only classes on three or two days, it's awesome. So you'd like to double major in those two subjects? That's a pretty interesting combination. ^^ I haven't taken an art course yet, but for science, I think most colleges will have you doing labs relatively late, around 2-5 PM.
    I will admit, his accent was pretty awesome. XD And his cards like Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Jinzo were pretty cool. That seems to be an issue that people run into with Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfics, LOL.

    Ah, I feel you there. Being surrounded by people you don't even like much definitely makes school even more of a chore. I don't have that problem really at college, but I did back in middle school.
    Yep. XD So, who was your favorite character in the original series?

    School and things like that, always getting in the way of anime watching... XD Holiday break will be a good time to catch up on watching things though.
    That's probably why Yuma didn't bother me too much initially, since I never really liked Yugi (or the original series much in general). XD I'm the odd fan who likes all the spin-offs better.

    That sounds like a pretty good mix there. I'll have to add that to me "To-Watch" list, then. The Sci-Fi part in particular sounds interesting.
    LOL, he gets better later. XD

    Hopefully it will. ^^ What genre is it? I was interested in watching it before, but never got around to it.
    I actually thought it looked really stupid before I forced myself to watch it, so I get the apprehension people have over it. ^^;
    Around episode 26 though, things get pretty exciting. And Yuma isn't nearly as annoying a main character as he appears initially.

    I've never actually watched Star Driver. I'm guessing it's pretty good?
    Ah, you read my profile? Then you'll know that I might try to convert you to the Zexal cause. XD
    You can always pretend IV is Takuto when you watch it.
    They really do. XD
    All right, thanks, it was going to bother me until I figured out which one it was, LOL.
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