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  • I wish the soundtrack was a little smoother so I could hear the beat, so I could combo >.>

    Ohh, so some professional are working on it? I wouldn't want to want 13 years ether...
    Ya exactly.

    Isn't a fan game?

    If I keep flipping on and off it's because I'm Playing Mother 3 and it works better with no other tabs open.
    Yep, I just get annoying, but the funny type XP

    None of my friends really know about Mother ;~; Then I try to tell them about it but but they don't seem to pay attention ;__;
    XD If I really know I'm gonna get a game then I don't watch a play through of it.

    I don't really troll, I just bother people. XD

    when ever I see your username all I think of is Ninten :/
    Now if I could momentarily erase my memory so I could enjoy the game to it's fullest.


    My dad stopped by and said I could download Mother 3 WOOOOOOOO!!!!

    :lol: Sometimes I just like to screw with people. XD
    Yes it is T.T Or I can just act like I know what I'm doing and have fun! :D

    Obvious I'm psychic!

    Naw, just kidding, I read your Biography on your page!
    Downfall is it's in Japanese, unless it was translated for me I don't know ;_;, But I got it for $20 at a convention! I would have downloaded them by now, but our desktop can't hold games very well, and my dad just got a laptop I might be able to use!

    You have a DA!? Sweet! I have one too but I'm not the best drawer.
    Yes! :thumbup:

    No, But I own a copy of Mother 2, I just don't have an SNES, and I'm goigng o ask my dad of he'll let me download Mother 3. They're just so rare ;~;
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