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I can't commit to faves from Gens 2, 3 and 5 because... well, these are the top 8 for me:
Meganium ● Miltank ● Flygon ● Walrein ● Salamence ● Alomomola ● Mandibuzz ● Keldeo

I have a sprawling amount of "second-tier" faves... and third-tier ones too. Really too many to mention here.

- Claims -
  • Arcade Star (Trainer Class), Dahlia
  • Iris (anime)
  • Mandibuzz
  • Alomomola
  • Walrein
  • Kelpsy Berry
  • Watmel Berry
  • Heal Pulse
  • Healer (ability)
Dec 23, 1990 (Age: 30)
Western Australia
Favorite Generation
Generation III (Game Boy Advance)
Favorite Generation 1 Pokémon
Favorite Generation 4 Pokémon
Rampardos / Rampald
Favorite Generation 6 Pokémon
Aurorus / Amaruruga
Favorite Generation 7 Pokémon
Mudsdale / Banbadoro
Favorite Generation 8 Pokémon
Cramorant / Uu
Favorite Gigantamax form
Gigantamax Orbeetle
Favorite Galarian Form
Galarian Farfetch'd
Favorite Pokémon Type
Favorite Region
Favorite Gym Badge
Opelucid City Legend Badge
Nintendo 2DS/3DS Friend Code
Nintendo Switch Friend Code




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