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  • Sure, I love getting good recs!

    I didn't mind the first season anime, it was pretty good, but it leaves a lot out, and stops in a weird place, so it loses a bit there. But the second season, OH LORD. It doesn't change as as much!? Are you kidding, it has Kaneki as part of Aogiri Tree! That makes no sense whatsoever! That is the opposite of what he does in the manga! There, he's trying to figure out who made him a ghoul. Why would he join the organization that kidnapped and tried to kill him and did kill some of his friends and is after doves and humans, ignoring the fact that he became a ghoul whatsoever? And where the hell is Shuu? He's a main buddy in the manga, but he hasn't even shown up in the second anime! Second season makes NO SENSE...

    But I digress. Eternal Sabbath is awesome. It's about a female neuroscientist who comes across a young man with psychic abilities, and she becomes interested in him (for research purposes...), and he in her, when he has trouble psychiking her to forget about him. As it turns out, his abilities are related to a mysterious organization trying to develop transhumans. Most of the story is sort of a love story, as well as the two having to fight, or try to redeem, another psychic who is basically going crazy and wants to kill everyone, and does kill quite a few people leading up the the climax. It is a very realistic, mature series like Tokyo Ghoul rather then a shounen. It's weird to me that no ever seems to know about it.
    I do hear that it follows the girls around from the time they are 10 to 17 xD so that's a lot of years to follow them :O I have high expectations for it.

    Well I can't say it justifies his lies all the time but a lot of the time it does make sense as to why he would lie about certain things, even when he lies ins ituations where the truth would be best the series goes out of its way to show that he's just wrong in the head somewhere xD fair warning in that there is some fanservice particularly during the latter half of the series for some reason but it's not like overdone at least.

    I do take interest in psychological most of the time, it can be very nice when it's not to Evangelion levels which is just depressing. And Tokyo Ghoul is actually my current favorite series right now xD I really love the novel vibe it gives off and the fact that the series and characters are different from what you'd see in a normal manga, multiple layers and stuff and the story is structured in a more fluent rather than arc based form. I actually came upon the manga thanks to the anime :p which unlike most people I actually liked, I mean yeah they changed some things but at least the changes didn't completely butcher the story like in other anime and the current second season is a hell of a lot better (oddly enough the second season has had less changes to the source material even though it was confirmed that it was going with original ideas, aside from a couple big changes it's stuck to the events of the manga) though I also didn't dislike the ending of the first manga xD mostly cause it was after a sequel had already been confirmed.

    OOoh what's Eternal Sabbath like? :eek:

    It's okay xD I just need t oget through Zettai, Psyren and Diamond no Ace (I'm a huge sports manga fan too) and I thnk I can give it a go >.<

    Maybe I can recommend something for you :eek:
    Yah I know it's long xD but I actually think that's kinda cool, makes me wonder what it'll be like :eek: I read the first two chapters like 8 months ago and it reminded me of Powerpuff Girls meet XMen with psychics. World Embryo was good, it doesn't have the most original premise but it actually explored things well. It's about a guy who has a habit of lying to people and how one day he receives a message from his disappeared aunt (step aunt...it's complicated) and finds out tha there's this monsters that appear at night and that people can be turned into these monsters through electromagnetic waves and when they do they are forgotten from the phase of the earth. Well basically he ends up joining a group that fights against these monthers in secret but also ends up finding a weird cocoon that gives birth to a bab that looks just like his aunt. So the guy ends up taking it upon himself to raise the baby for his own selfish reasons while keeping it all a secret from the organization...

    It sounds really cliche but the execution i actually pretty good xD the fact the protagonist is a chronic liar actually affects the story and it expores a lot of characters psyches.

    I can read pretty much anything xD except yaoi and horror. I tend to like action, romance and slice of life more but I'm open to any genre xD (just don't recommend harem unless it's really good cause I'm completely tired of those to the point of annoyance)
    Fine I'll add it to my list ofmanga I still have to read xD I just finished this one called World Embryo I got recommended by a friend and there's another one called Zettai Karen Children I've been meaning to read....plus I wanna reread Pokemon special >.< ut only after I don't have anymore manga to read.
    So basically the series kind of parodies the mary sue cliche xD in a way, I did hear it was getting an anime.

    Pffffft I usually read it on my ipod though D: like I'ts been years since I've properly read a manga on my comp xD
    I actually have only played it once so far xD still testing the waters. The first time I played it I used Link, Megaman and Shulk against Robin and Little Mac. I kept getting my ass kicked over and over because I hadn't figured out how jumping worked on a 3DS.

    I honestly wouldn't mind having a Persona game but I thought Persona Q seemed a bit silly xD probably just cause of the art style though I know it's designed to be more like Etrian Odyssey than anything, plus in general the idea of it being a crossover seemed...interesting. But wow I didn't think it was that long o.o now I feel bad for not tellin gme my mom to get it when she went there. I wanted Fire Emblem Awakening, it was on my list but Spain is full of dicks and they apparently weren't selling it in the stores my mom looked.
    Oh I will xD I just haven't gotten a chance to really sit down to it >.<

    Right now I just have Alpha Sapphire and Smash, my mom just brought it from Europe so...not the best place tohave it region locked xD but I could've never gotten it buying it here in my country.
    Yeah prettymuh xD the circus isn't that bright of a place now that I realized it, I don't know how realistic I wanna go with it.
    Well there's a few more of the writers in the workshop that frequent the blogs at least, so you might get one or two other responses besides min.

    Well I don't have the full summary planned, I don't even have a name for the protagonist. Basically it follows a girl who runs away from home in order to join a famous circus troupe. The troupe utilizes Pokemon in their acts and her aim is to one day become a Ringmaster for the troupe. It's going to be a short story but it's going to focused around her learning more about the people in the circus and the different roles but also exploring her and the other characters more.
    Pfffft, well now you know for next time :p at least this way more people can give their opinion for it as well xD which is always good.

    I've also been sort of planning for this new short story I've been thinking of doing myself.
    Ooooh that actually sounds like a realy interesting story. Plus I've never seen a Pokemon fic that openly expored the concept of what it takes to be a gymleader so I feel like this would be a good idea to explore.

    Oh, I would love to xD it'd be a good sneak preview.
    Well it's nice to have you back in the fairground xD What kind of story is it?

    Ooooh I just got a 3DS myself after years of wishing :eek: it's pretty awesome.
    Quite a few had been taken at this point, but you could do Swablu.

    Generally, your opinion on a Pokemon should be about that Pokemon. It should be about what you admire about that Pokemon, or perhaps what is great about that particular Pokemon. The length of the opinion should be about 3 - 5 sentences long.
    I am currently progressing with my Normal-type reviews, and one component that I added is quotes from other people about Normal-type families. Do you have any particular Normal-type families you would want to do?

    Available: Arceus, Azurill, Bidoof & Bibarel, Bouffalant, Happiny, Chansey & Blissey, Ditto, Fletchling, Glameow & Purugly, Lickitung & Lickilicky, Miltank, Smeargle, Stantler, Swablu, Teddiursa & Ursaring

    Sorry if this request seems abrupt.
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