• Magnificent Entertainer pokes around in the Great Marsh and battles his rival again. Will Zexy finally overcome ME's team? Watch here to find out.
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  • Yeah, made a blog about it a while back. Active Users on bmgf right now is around 2000. When B/W was released it was closer to 3000.
    I made that user title back when I changed my username to broadcast my name change. I never changed it.
    I don't think you fully understand what happened to me. If you were associated and active in the subfandom I was booted from, I think you'd have an altered point of view, at least somewhat.

    Nonetheless, I still want to convince you what goes on, and speaking of which I await that judgement you reserved on those filthy screencaps.
    Definition for defenestrate:
    Web definitions: throw through or out of the window; "The rebels stormed the palace and defenestrated the President".
    WordNet Search - 3.1
    Everyone you know here are slowly being defenestrated, one by one.

    How long do you think you are able to hold an upright and standing position in this place?
    Yup, Buizel and Floatzel are my second favorite Pokemon (my overall favorite before Gen 5), my first is Mienshao
    Sorry, but I'm only here now, cannot stand VictoryRoad anymore, and I HATE waiting to get out of purgatory, I feel like a prisoner in there.
    (continued from last post because of an apparent 2000 character limit)

    VictoryRoad Forums I left indefinitely because the staff and moderation got too corrupt, and somewhat on the tyrannical side, a lot of the staff members happened to be trolls, one of them STOLE my artwork, and used it in his avatar just to troll me, and the webmaster actually allowed him to get away with it, not to mention the ridiculous and unreasonable infractions, the censoring of certain words (Pokefarm and MSN are censored), and there is the infamous "purgatory" system which took away a lot of your rights and freedoms on the site, such as your avatar, and that all posts had to be approved by the staff before they could be visible (this included visitor messages and even chatroom messages), and a lot of the time, they were never approved and made visible at all, especially if particular mods didn't like you because you did not have the same opinions and ideas as them. It was HORRIBLE there, the staff was very dictator-like, I left and never brought up the forum again.

    So now I'm only active here on Bulbagarden now.
    Well, it's probably because it's the only forum I'm active on really:

    Serebii forums has gone downhill anymore, and having us being forced to use a default avatar rather than a custom uploaded image because of an imaginart "server lag", and only moderators can have custom avatars while everyone else gets cheap stock avatars which are all clips from the Pokemon anime, game sprites, Sugimori art, etc. It's that and a certain moderator who locked topics because of his own personal opinion on the topics rather than if they broke site rules (he locked a topic about the furry fandom because he hated furries and believed all of them were the same in one instance)

    PokeCommunity Forums I got less interested in because I lost complete interest in ROM hacking, which was what I was there on that forum for was the ROM Hacking and fangame making community, left it because one of the people there was, to put it simply, an absolute ASSHOLE who blocked people from his Youtube and Twitter because they "annoyed him" and refused anyone who wanted to help him on his game and make it better, and overall, his attitude was downright shitty.

    (continued on next post due to an apparent 2000 character limit)
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