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Nothia Blue
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  • Sara, just in case you didn't see, our conversation moved to page 2, so if you didn't see my message, click to go to the next page.
    Ugh :c People has been complaining about the servers, I don't blame them tho xD people really wanna play it. And no news for South America yet. They said they'd release it worldwide in the next days but it sucks that everyone's talking Bout them D:

    I watched it too :D and yes it was really good, it was a good message against discriminations and cruelty. Who was your fav character? :)
    Still waiting xD; this is tortureeee!! WHY.GF.

    And it's fine we have other common interests :p like horror movies and such! Btw I need to go The Witch (that for some reason just came here on cinemas xD). Have you watch any interesting movies lately? :eek:
    Sorry for the spam btw, my messages showed as non-send so I send a bunch. I'll delete the rest asap.
    Weird o.o some people still seem unable to get it. Maybe it'll go by regions?
    And wow that'd be amazing, if all your family plays~ my family is not interested so.. u.u
    Same ;o; waiting for it to be released in the west! Do you have ios or android?
    I dont want to go to bed because the wait xDD
    It's okay xD It's easy to miss that, I sometimes make referencees to spanish stuff too.
    Oh >.< what class was it?
    Well... I am super confused too. Better leave it as is :eek:
    White Crow
    White Crow

    Yay congrats c:

    Ohh and there's buncha stuff already, not only regarding videogames tho. And the Detective Pikachu was offiicially announced :p
    Oh getting the license? c: how is that going?
    White Crow
    White Crow
    Also avatar pls :p a "?" is not cool xD
    Nothia Blue
    Nothia Blue
    Sorry, I'll look into an icon sometime tomorrow!
    I'm excited for the event pokemon they're giving out monthly! I'll be able to get a legit Darkrai~ I was wondering if that Detective Pikachu would happen any time!
    Still gotta work on the license..
    That's a big problem with a lot of games now, they gotta have a DLC and while some are missable (costumes and/or chartacters) the ones that adds certain interesting stories but they are super expensive :U
    I was thinking the same! The other time I was watching an anime called Shirobako and how animes are done and such xD. Back to topic! Mostly the OST, I love it! Do you have any fav tracks?
    White Crow
    White Crow
    Sorry for sending the reply in two messages but now no more than 420 characters in the Profile messages :U
    Alphabet song in english? :eek: cause I really don't remember us having an alphabeth song here .w.
    D: you should get the work going sis! College can be he worse tho, so all energies!
    On a side note the term college is kinda confusing xD; I was just reading this article and I am more confused now xD wikipedia doesn't always help D:<

    DLC isn't likely in that game since the story's too lineal :eek: do you mind DLCs?

    Wow that's 12 episodes extra.. which would be three months of weekly episodes. Okay now we can't complain xD I didn't know that. And omg 1 year o.o I wonder why so much, I am not dismeriting the series but the eps are just 10 minutes long. I didn't know animation was that hard.
    I seriously prefer Twinkle Little Star :p
    Hey that's something :p and school can be pretty hard at times. Tho to be fair I don't remember much of school in terms of studying besides trying to study the last day -w-; You better be a good student tho >w<

    As long as there's nothing concrete I am not even buying it :eek:
    I wish :p tho those changes are normal, they have to change the rooster.

    With the heat :p
    Wow :c I talked to a friend and it was only 6 or 7 episodes. I wonder if something's going on.
    It was from july to september iirc .w.
    Poor childhoods .w. Did your mom sang you some?
    Yay vacations :D Do you have plans?
    Maybe .w. I am just scared of the cost.. Dollar went up pretty badly here and I can't allow myself games for the time being.There's some games I am waiting for too tho I am sure they will be reaaaaally expensive. The other way I was watching the trailer of Project X Zone Brave New World, really happy it's a kinda homage to the original NamcomxCapcom >w<)/ Kinda sad they removed a few characters I liked for the popular ones but eh, I guess there's not much to do. What I liked about both NamcoxCapcom and PXZ was the fact they used pretty cool characters from a lot sagas and not just the popular ones of the moment.

    I know right xD They are those lemons who look good on the outside but barely have juice.
    Wait another hiatus? o.o
    Hmmmm I am not sure >.< I guess it was about to end (the season I mean)
    o.o--- Are there other interesting nursery rhymes like that? ngl I always thought they were gonna be happy and lovey but this surprised me.
    How's work going? ;o League nights are every week iirc.

    No more news, I guess they want us to guess in the meantime. Tho how can we get that watch? Or it's just Japan?

    Oh >.< When it's imported and stuff usually they aren't as good, I know that from experience. Can you believe I can't get goood lemons lately? xD;
    I was really outta space lately so I am not up to date with the new season :c It always happens to me when something is on hiatus for some time. Are you watching weekly yourself? :eek:
    It happened to me too :p Don't worry.
    I never heard of that song, One For Sorrow? (I am trusting you google!). Man I am so out of touch with these things... When it comes to magpies I only know the fable of the fox and the magpie :eek: I feel bad for the magpie but eh, vanily was it's doom. Goodbye cheese ehe
    Ohhh that's great :D Still don't overwork yourself, I get that being able to get what you want and enjoy it's amazing but not at the cost of your health >.< Well minor spoilers shouldn't ruin it too much unless you know exacly what's gonna happen. I mean it's not the same:
    >A in the end defeated B
    >A defeated B using the power she got in episode 11 firing all the power into a huge light machine and firing it back to the moon so the power gets multiplied and it fell over B, destroying all the island. It looked like A died too but she survived!
    XD I mean there's a huge diference.
    That's up to people judgments :eek: A few weeks ago I downloaded this app of YGO called Duel Generation, and even if it's pretty cool (I still have it and play occasionally) the decks are 5 bucks each. You can play lots to get more but I am sure the best things are paid. I am managing tho, let's see if I can build a decent deck.
    A GTS OMG. I didn't think of it xD I mean completing a dex it's gonna be hell. This game is really going to break people, I am more worried about the legendaries tho. I am sure they are gonna be hard to get or wait for the hackers, tho that breaks the spirit of game too

    Dragon beats the passion qwq You win! I am sure I've never seen Dragon fruit around here :c Well passion fruit it's from south america mostly so maybe :/ Just not much from my country, as for luxury I was talking more along the lines of prices, like coconuts >.< And there are so many variants! I heard there's a purple one too, but I never had it, I wanna!
    Ohhh, my bad myself >.< . Tho more than not having faith is the view any writer just doesn't want his character to get the wrong personality. I'd be scared of that in the case of complex characters too, so I understand that. I say check it out c:
    Ohhh, so yeah. Kinda a mentor and helper. I hope it wasn't a crow again .w.
    Oh no, I must have written that pretty badly. I apologize! What I meant is that even if the game is free, they make it really slow passed.. Like money really hard to get, or the time you need to wait until you unluck the next mission or something. It's like they are indirectly pushing you to make these in-game purchase so you don't get stuck for days. As for that game (it's called Battle Odyssey btw) you can get the rubies in-game accomplishing missions and special events but they take their time to appear so if you want to buy better monsters and upgrade your party soon you can buy rubies packs with real money.
    Well, as far as I remember the first F2P pokémon games weren't that bad in terms of in-game purchases so I have hope they don't start to mess with this app since it looks fun. You just walking 'round and you get a manetric or a venipede. xD What do you think of it?

    Perfect for a fruit salad :D It's been so long since I had passion fruit qwq Last year I used to have it almost in every lunch. Tho here they are expensive so it was a kinda luxury, I can't afford it much now. We should eat more :p
    So his motto was "the end justifies the means?", that's how I see it anyways. Never heard about Ikol tho, was he good or he was the one who gave the "playing dirty" advices?
    Well I understand your point, it isn't really catching or interesting to end things like that. But sometimes it's better to not jugze a whole industry for a bad decision of a single individual. It's like I say I am not gonna watch anime again because I didn't like Naruto's or Wolf's rain ending because I might be losing some amazing stories. And every writter is diferent too, I bet there are amazing writters out there.
    I'd reccoment not staying away from comics if you used to enjoy them, but a break once in a while will do wonders as well. So you can go back whenever you want ^^

    The trick is that advancing is hell (I am looking at you Gameloft), the time you have to play to get some items or upgrades. I play for fun, but if they are gonna trip me like that all the time it gets boring quite fast. For example I was playing the other time this Gameloft game, I forgot the name. And you buy things in-game using rubies but eh, to get them.. And several other games.
    That's true, spending it all in one place isn't good :c

    I am drooling now, Blue you are cruel qwq Tho my top 3 are Strawberries, peaches and Pinneaple. Yours? c:
    Ohh :c Sometimes the creator's decitions aren't the best and not everyone will be okay with. I hope there wasn't much trouble for him. Oh it's okay ^^ I am not sure if I will be able to read it so talk, tho unfortunately since I don't know mcuh I might not able to give much of a opinion >~<

    Same thing happens with mobile phone games now :/ Everything has something to buy, tho luckily it's always optional.
    Angel food? Never heard of it o.o Man I am soooo ignorant when it comes to some foods..
    Ms. Marvel? Never heard of her o.o I will check on her story, if you say she is interesting. Did it end badly or just nothing actually noteworthy?
    Heh that's good :p I hate spoilers, I like to find out things by myself and feel the story as I watch/read/play.

    Well that's the business for them, so they have to make people pay somehow. Something I was wondering about it's how some people actually pay money for items, I was reading about this huge impact the game starcraft has, all the money it produces and the amounts people is willing to pay to get the best ships and stuff. I just can't understand it.
    Great choice c: But I guess vanilla :p It fits perfectly with everything, you can put on some icing or add fruits or even chocolate heh.
    Ohhh Loki! I remember him from the Avengers movie too. He was pretty cool! He shouldn't have provoked Hulk tho .w.; Such a shame you stopped, hope you get back to it some time. So if he tells you are okay with spoilers?
    Oh my xD Sneaky Butter!

    Well yup :eek: I used to like them but lack of time won't let me play more heh. The one I played the most was Runescape, tho free players miss too much stuff so.. :/
    The sugar tho :p What's your fav kind of cake? :3
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